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Dr. Pillai briefly describes the best way to meditate and the best kind of meditation.


Meditation is a complex subject but I am going to make it as simple as possible for beginners.

First, do you have to keep your eyes open when you meditate?

It’s better to keep your eyes closed, because the moment you close your eyes it makes it easier to access your pineal gland.

The pineal gland is intimately connected to a higher state of consciousness and is called the Third Eye. It is the representation of the Third Eye within the body. It is important to keep that pineal gland activated, and the closing of the eyes facilitates the process because the pineal gets activated when there is darkness, not light. It is always better to keep your eyes closed unless it is a special type of meditation with open eyes.

For beginners, I advise you do a meditation with a mantra. Mantra meditation is the most powerful.

This is the reason why the Transcendental Meditation movement became very successful. They just give a simple two syllable sound, sometimes a three syllable sound, and then ask you to use this as the mantra for life and to just go on repeating this mantra.

Meditate and Manifest

Within the Yogic tradition they say to repeat a mantra 1,008 times or 10,008 times or a minimum of 108 times. What happens when the mind begins to dwell on the sound over and over and over again? By the power of the sound you are taken to a different realm in which you experience the core of the mantra.


The core value of the mantra has certain characteristics. It may be a mantra for a relationship, in which case you would work with the mantra kleem, kleem, kleem. You do it 108 times. Kleem is the mantra for relationship, and it definitely will bring a relationship to you. How kleem works to attract a relationship to you is a secret. But if you dedicate to the mantra, I am going to say 1 million and 8 Kleems, at the end you will definitely have results, meaning you will have a relationship or you will be able to solve a relationship problem.

So I recommend mantra meditation more than any other type of meditation.

– Dr. Pillai

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