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Whether you’ve been studying with Dr. Pillai or just beginning, you might be happy to hear about a special time window that can accelerate your evolution by hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Guru Purnima or Full Moon of the Guru is a yearly celebration of a great lunar event eagerly awaited by all yogis from spiritual traditions spanning millennia.

In India, there’s a belief that without a Guru we risk living our life in darkness or ignorance, repeating mistakes that are due to our karmic thoughts with nearly no hope for change.

Receiving the blessings of your guru on the Full Moon of the Guru is said to lead you to higher states of consciousness and to gaining supernormal powers.




According to the Tamil Siddhas, Guru Purnima’s lunar energy raises the collective consciousness on earth, and benevolent celestial beings and ascended Siddhas flock here in their light bodies.

This year Guru Purnima begins on July 7 at 22:01 EDT and ends just past midnight on July 9.

Who is the Guru?

Truly enlightened gurus help their students gain more confidence, higher intelligence, compassion, the capacity to give and receive love, lasting well-being and the ability to solve all problems.

Notably, powerful individuals such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have admitted that their connection to a guru—Neem Karoli Baba—was instrumental for reaching incredible success after times of financial uncertainty.

Receiving direct teachings and guidance from a spiritual teacher or guru holds great importance in India.

This makes sense if we think that we need to be taught nearly everything—the steps for career advancement, education, sports training, technological innovation, speaking, scientific breakthroughs, parenting, healthcare, and so on.

Similarly, we can benefit from an expert who’s already done much of the spiritual work for us. For example, a Guru can teach you how to awaken dormant parts of your brain with special sound vibrations or mantras.

On the one hand, karma can keep us stuck in the same kind of unhappy relationships, experiences of betrayal, repeated failures and a generally mediocre life.

On the other hand, a Guru can remove your bad karma, grant you higher wisdom, and awaken your latent supernormal powers through a darshan—or an energy transmission that requires no effort on your part.

Dr. Pillai, a scholar and brain researcher, is also a spiritual master from the Tamil Siddha yogic tradition of India.

Vedic astrology and the astral body

For many years, through his programs and innumerable free videos and teachings, Dr. Pillai has talked about the importance of special astrological times such as Guru Purnima. These time windows can bring you opportunities for receiving miracles.

Through Vedic astrology, which he calls a super science or the science of time, he teaches that everything we experience—whether it’s problems or happy times—is caused by the planets.

The upcoming full moon on June 7 can bring breakthroughs for those who want to experience the powers of their astral body, change their brain and acquire financial prosperity.

“I’m going to teach you about the astral body, which is a study of your midbrain and also the limbic system, so that you can see the astral body,” said Dr. Pillai about the upcoming Guru Purnima program in San Diego, California.

After attending his Guru Purnima programs,

many students have testified to great miracles of transformation and sudden financial windfalls

“I’m very committed to making people’s life happy. The brain is the cause for your suffering, including your financial suffering. The brain can be reprogrammed.”

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Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s GURU PURNIMA RETREAT here. Click the button below for details.




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