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Dr. Pillai: “This body regardless will pick up diseases, get old, lose energy, and die. But what the yogis and siddhas aspired to and accomplished is: this identity should not be with this body. Your identities should not be with this science and technology. They are needed to enhance whatever knowledge we have inherited, which is also already in our genes to work at femtosecond level. You do not want things later on; you want it now. You want to know everything, you want to do everything, you have to be a different human being. 

That is what made the yogis quantumize their mind 

They have brought their mind to the quantum state where they found that they are everywhere. They are non-local. It is not that they are here and not there. 

Poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate

Poornasya poornamaadaaya poornamevaavashishyate

This is yogi. He says, “I am full. I am complete. There is only fullness everywhere. If you take fullness out of fullness, only fullness remains. If we take fullness out of fullness, only fullness remains.” How did he discover that? That is when quantum physics says that. 

You have to work from that level. 

Shreem Brzee is that fullness. 

It is predominantly, if you will, a wealth mantra, but it can erase your mind which is unable, at this point, to conceive beyond what you can conceive. The moment you are successful that you could conceive outrageously without any limitation, then it is at that point, you know the relationship between thought and matter. They are the two sides of the same coin, just like God created the world with sounds. He created everything with the sounds. 

There is a sound basis for everything, and that is the mantra. But what is that sound and how do you use it? You can use it at a very superficial level, it will not work. 

You should know how to quantumize 

This is to bring it to the level where there is no differentiation between thought and object. Idea and the object, in Plato, idea is everything. Can you separate the idea from the object? You cannot. This is the discovery. 

To say something is to manifest it at some level. If you say at a very enlightened level or enlightened from an enlightened consciousness, you know that by just thinking you can manifest. 

What aids you in the process is the sound Shreem Brzee

When I taught this, when it was given to me, it was a very simple thing, and I did not know at the time the mechanics. If you ask me, maybe even a few hours later, I will have better knowledge and  understanding. All that I am saying is, everything you say or see outside is a reflection of inside. 

I am going to do it over a period of one year, for a very affordable price, how the inside becomes outside, the idea becomes the object. If you are inside genetically controlled, and see only scarcity, poverty, sickness, or failures, that is what you are going to see outside. It becomes terribly important for everyone to think properly. 

Think potent, positive, unlimited, successful thoughts, and then you will see it outside 

You can see yourself what is outside is inside. If you are living in a palace, that is your inside that has been able to conceive of that at a very deep quantum level. The whole course that I am doing for a year is all about Quantum Thinking, and you do not have to spend a lot of time; you have to change your concept of time.

I am trying to compress time and live in the reality of a femtosecond if not auto-second because there is a relationship between time, speed, space, and manifestation. I will put all these things in simple format, and then give you the teaching on how to quantumize a sound or thought because the sound Shreem Brzee itself is a thought. 

How do we quantumize it? The principle is if you have a compound, there is an atom, then subatomic particles. When you compare a compound or a molecule level, the power is limited, but when it becomes a subatomic particle, the power is infinite. That is quantumization. The same thing applies to any thought process, and you do not want to be a victim to senseless thinking, consensus reality. Consensus reality is going to keep you very mediocre. 

Any amount of theories will not benefit you in a practical way unless you quantumize your consciousness 

Use this sound and manifest whatever you want, whether it is health, wealth, or relationships, all these things can happen within this one sound when it is quantumized. You can meditate for 20 minutes, and then only in a femtosecond it is going to work. You have to prepare your consciousness, refine your consciousness, and then store it, and that also works at femto levels. I will teach you about how even one syllable can make the difference.”

Spiritual New Year: Quantum Thinking from the Third Eye Initiation

In order to think and manifest, your thoughts need to be produced from the Quantum Mind. This is done through Quantum Thinking in the Third Eye. Dr. Pillai will deliver a meditation, teaching, and initiation into this powerful technique. 

He will perform a special initiation during the Vedic Winter Solstice, the most important time for the renewal of the universe and the awakening of the Gods to support all of humanity.

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