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Dr. Pillai: “What does Ganesha represent? He is an Archetype who lives in the Infrared Realm, and is responsible for removing obstacles. He is like a Bodhisattva in the Buddhist Tradition, who is compassionate towards human beings who are groping in darkness about the future and who are unable to foresee obstacles.

Ganesha gives the opportunity for everyone to understand what an obstacle is well ahead of time 

His special intelligence can be employed to remove obstacles which you cannot even conceive of because you confront obstacles only after they occur. You do not know how they can be stopped before they arrive. 

That is a special intelligence, and Ganesha has that intelligence

He is also responsible, or endowed, with the ability to remove karma, especially with the coconut smashing ritual. 

Ganesha is the one who can do a lot of things, but it is very important to understand the warrior aspect. He is a warrior against ignorance, negativity, lethargy, and evil. These are all very important characteristics associated with this Archetype. 

They are all demonic forces within us, and that leads us to end in failure, unable to do anything. Ganesha can help you destroy these demonic forces which are against your progress in life

How do you call on him? I have taught many mantras which are ways to call on him. 

God Bless.”

Accelerate Wish-Fulfillment With Ganesha as Karpaga Vinayagar

It is well-known that Ganesha can remove obstacles. He can also make wishes come true. In his form as Karpaga Vinayagar, Ganesha fulfills wishes and grants boons. 

Every 4th Waning Moon is a favorable time to invoke Ganesha’s blessings. At this time, the Moon is in the star of Magha which enhances royalty consciousness. And as Karpaga Vinayagar, Ganesha can accelerate wish fulfillment on this day for those who have clear intentions. Dr. Pillai teaches it is important to ask for help from this Archetype with your goals and wishes. 

Chant ‘Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha’ with Dr. Pillai’s mantra audio 

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