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Quantumize Shreem Brzee

Dr. Pillai: “There are many methods that you can use to quantumize your thinking. One is to help you to get out of time, memory, future, as you have conceived in your mind, and then put you in the quantum domain. 

The quantum domain challenges rationality 

It also challenges logic and your conception of the future because it is the domain of nonlocality and uncertainty, which Einstein hated, but fortunately, it has been disproved now. Everything is uncertain. That is why that is what gives you great encouragement and hope for your future because you can change everything now. 

How do you get out of this rational and slow moving mind and impossible cause and effect logic? All these have to be, in one stroke, you have to make it disappear so that you are in the quantum state. 

I will give you the most powerful technique you can quantumize the sound Shreem Brzee 

Close your eyes.

Shreem Brzee is the sound of prosperity and unlimited wealth. It is the energy equivalent of unlimited wealth beyond time and space. One way of doing it, which is very easy for people, is to go on saying ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 times. Close your eyes and then say Shreem Brzee. Put your attention on your third eye.

Shreem Brzee

Go just inside your pineal gland which is in the middle of the brain, and visualize a flame. Say the flame is Shreem Brzee.

As you chant, you are chanting with your throat. Your tongue is involved. The brain is involved in articulating the speech brain. Your brain is also involved in hearing the sound. These are all taking place simultaneously. Simultaneously you are thinking, hearing, remembering – all have to be quantumized. 

The miracle will be done by the sound Shreem Brzee

The least you can do is say ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 times with awareness of all the processes that are going on, and that is how you become a conscious thinker. Your thinking is unconscious and robotic. This is an advanced chanting called “advanced japa,” and it works; At only one time, you may have the perfect alignment of the different parts of the brain consciousness to be so powerful.

Then you will see the results: I have done this. Every time you do, you have to ask where the result is. Then that gives you proof. This is one way of doing it.

Keep your eyes closed, and as I said, become conscious of the tongue, throat, ears, and then the speech brain and memory is active, and all with that one Shreem Brzee. 

It will simultaneously erase mediocre thinking or karma, bad karma, and also enhance the prosperity thinking at a quantum level

You have to decrease the oxygen concentration and then replace it. You cannot do it by yourself; the sound will transform the oxygen into your higher energy. It will unite it with the prana. The sound has the ability to do that. Oxygen is associated with cause-and-effect logical brain. The prana is associated with the divine consciousness and will give you Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence. 

Just to think of this idea will create changes. That is why the theory is important; that is why I have built it into this meditation so that you can use it and then understand the mechanics of action – what is the mechanism behind the sound and what is happening within the brain with your body mind. I am not gone into the subtle body, we are still living, focusing on this physical body and oxygen. The prana is of course the highest energy; the prana is God.

To enhance more prana and divine consciousness, I am going to help you do this meditation with an added sound, the sound OM. OM is always a prefix to all mantras. The reason being, OM will give you more prana, divine energy, life energy, and intelligence.

Focus attention on your two eyes.

I am going to give you the sound OM. Put your attention on the third eye or pineal gland and say OM Shreem Brzee.

The sound OM is the fundamental sound of the universe. Associating OM with Shreem Brzee will quantumize Shreem Brzee as well.

Shreem Brzee OM

OM Shreem Brzee

OM Shreem Brzee OM (2x)

The quantumization is taking place at the soul level. 

The soul is a quantum reality 

The moment you make an effort to think, it will be lost. With complete ease and without effort, think about it.

At least you will know that you are keeping all the mundane mediocre thoughts away from your consciousness. 

Slowly come back to yourself.

Even when you chant, at one unknown unexpected moment or second, it will all synchronize. You will be in the quantum field. The quantum field or the quantumized sound (which is the energy equivalent of the material world) will do its job. This is how the yogis, siddhas, and gurus manifest. That is why I used to tell people not to ask for more hours. Ask for more money. Be straightforward. If you ask for more hours, you will get more hours. 

Shreem Brzee will be a protection. It is a divine protection. She is the Goddess, at the same time, a quantum particle if you want to understand it according to quantum physics. What is important is to get results. You can go on and look at millions of people who have worked on the sound. 

The new teaching that I am going to do is how to maximize its power by quantumizing the sound through the knowledge that has come to me

It keeps coming to me all the time. 

I will stop here. One thing that I want to tell you is that inside is outside. This is the last thing that I want to say. Do not blame anyone. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. There is the knowledge and then you have to do it and change whatever reality you want to change. God bless.”

Quantumize Shreem Brzee to Create Your Future in 2023

Dr. Pillai has crafted two ways for you to transform your life and create a new future in 2023. You can receive the On-Demand Quantumizing Shreem Brzee initiation or the On-Demand Initiation followed by three months of teaching, coaching, and learning to create from the inside out.


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