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Quantum Thinking Third Eye

Dr. Pillai: “Only the mind exists; matter outside does not exist at all. That is why they delve deep into going into the mind and trying to understand the mind, and bring the mind to that quantum level. 

Through meditation, you will start from thinking 35 – 40 thoughts a minute and then bring it to a few thoughts, fewer thoughts, one thought, and then go deep into that one little thought. I am going to define everything and teach you how through one single sound, you can transform; that is the sound “ah,” which I gave to Wayne Dyer. He promoted me because of that and then also deduced a theory out of it and called it “Manifest Your Reality.” “This is what my teacher from India taught me,” and he dedicated his book, Manifest Your Destiny.

I want you to manifest your destiny for 2023

The technique that I gave to Wayne Dyer, although I did not bring in quantum physics there, I gave him one quantum sound that is the sound “ah,” and people did many miracles. That is how they came to teach it to the public in general. Within a Quantum second if we can do it, it is better, but since your mind is not trained, you can do it for a minute or two or three or four or even five, and then say the sound “ah” arising from the bottom of your spine.

Ah (2x)

Bring it to your pineal gland, the third eye.


The Quantum sound “Ah” goes to the third eye, which is the pineal gland 

The pineal gland is a miracle gland that will introduce you to a different time and space dimension. In that dimension, you change your reality. Keep on saying this sound however long you can. That is important, but do not think that you have to do it for a long time to get a result. 

If you could do it in a Quantum second, a femtosecond, you can get that too, a quadrillionth of a second is a femtosecond, and it is a matter of experience, not of talking about it, and seeing the results, and that is very important. There is going to be a  great revelation for most of you. Although you have heard the expression “when you see it, you will believe it.” This is Quantum Physics. When you see it, you will believe it. That is the truth about the particle existing. You have to observe it. When you observe it, then you will believe it. 

It is Schrodinger’s cat experiment to disprove Einstein’s determinism. I am not going to go into science very deeply, except if it is going to help us to change our fortune, our future. You have to understand the power of seeing. Creative visualization is what most people understand from spiritual teachings. 

You have to visualize, and then that will happen 

Visualization is everything. The life that we are living now is a result of what we visualized. 

Why did we do such a bad visualization? That is the question that everybody would like to ask themselves. It is wrong, it was not given to us by other people, it was given to us by ourselves. The observation plays a key role. Observation takes place at many different levels before it becomes a material reality. 

If you read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, he will say how to train the mind to be able to know different levels of thinking. We are now thinking in a robot-like mechanism. We think without properly controlling our mind, our thought process: how we use your words, and how the words are connected to the meaning, and how the meaning connected to the object – these are all going to be very interesting if you are interested in knowing the process of manifestation from chaos or from zero to our emptiness, to material reality. Jesus himself said that “You can do everything that you want to do like I do. All that you have to know is the Holy Spirit.” 

The Holy Spirit is the higher intelligence, the Quantum Reality 

You go to be the choice of the Holy Spirit, and that spirit is within you. If you go into that level, and see that, that becomes the belief. When the belief becomes the reality, then the matter is created. That is how we will have to go and first see it. If you do not see it, then you do not create a belief. You have to see it. That is a Quantum Reality.” 

Quantum Thinking from the Third Eye Initiation

In order to think and manifest, your thoughts need to be produced from the Quantum Mind. This is done through Quantum Thinking in the Third Eye. Dr. Pillai will deliver a meditation, teaching, and initiation into this powerful technique. 

He will perform a special initiation during the Vedic Winter Solstice, the most important time for the renewal of the universe and the awakening of the Gods to support all of humanity.

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