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Holy Spirit

Gita (Beth) has been a Pillai Center teacher for many years. She shares details of her personal, profound experience with how she encountered Dr. Pillai’s Holy Spirit. 

Gita: “Hi, my name is Beth. My spiritual name is Gita. I wanted to share an experience I had with Dr. Pillai’s Holy Spirit body (or at least that is what I call it).

I was working late last night and had some pain in my back. I was starting to get tired because the pain was wearing me down. Then all of a sudden, I felt a presence in the room – sort of like a real beautiful warmth had come over my body, but I definitely felt like it was a presence. It was more than a warmth.

“I Felt A Warm Presence Over My Body”

And that presence in the form of an energy entered my spinal cord and entered my sushumna and went up this sushumna the whole way as it was traveling up. It probably took about 10 seconds to get to my neck – maybe a little bit less – and the whole time it was filling my body with this incredible energy.

The pain actually dissipated immediately. I noticed that right away and could just feel a sense of peace, and then everything around that I could see started to turn into a really vibrant light. At first, it got very vibrant and then it got light. It was all flooded with light.

“Everything Was Flooded With Light”

As the energy made its way into my third eye, (I assume, I think that is what happened), it was just the most profound experience of an outside energy coming into me that was so peaceful, blissful, and healing all at the same time.

I decided to share this so that it may inspire some of you to have the same experience with Dr. Pillai’s Holy Spirit body because I truly believe it is available for all who seek it.

Thank you,



Click below to watch the video of Gita describing her experience with Dr. Pillai’s Holy Spirit 


Pentecostal Program: The Descent Of The Holy Spirit

Jesus’ blood is going to flow into your nerves, into your heart, and all over the body. Why? We are at the crossroad of life and death. During the communion last night, he filled my body with Light. The upcoming Pentecostal day is the beginning of the transformation of the human race. Once the Holy Ghost enters your body, you will no longer be ignorant. 

As promised, the Holy Ghost will make everyone able to understand the dynamics of performing miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, Swami Ramalingam, the Buddha, and other Gods are different forms and manifestations of the One Unnamable God assuming different names and forms.

As Jesus gets into the blood, so will Ramalingam as He turns the blood into Amrita, elixir, a white liquid. The Buddha will still the mind to experience Nirvana. Shreem Brzee will give you pure material blessings devoid of impurities. Shiva will open your third eye. Vishnu will teach you the Einsteinian equation of E = mc2. Although the upcoming period is a period of tribulation, it will be the beginning of the Golden Age for the believers.

The Pentecostal program will run for 6 weeks as a prelude to the next Mystery School. It is Divine intention that the next Mystery School will be filled with Divine energy to transform the participants to end ignorance and obtain enlightenment.

God Bless!”

-Dr. Pillai


Discover the 4 steps to receive the Holy Spirit from all traditions in Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal program. 

Enroll by June 4, 5:30 am PDT to join Level II Package.





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