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Holy Spirit

Master Coach Meena guides us through Step 1 for reprioritizing your life and creating your goals for the Golden Age. She walks us through how to imagine life with the Holy Spirit Awakened within, based on her profound personal experience.

Mohini: “Meena, I was so touched by your story of what a profound experience that you had that made you deeply examine and reprioritize your entire life to get ready for the Golden Age, and this special anointing. Can you first tell us the story of what happened to you?”

Meena: “Sure, I think I’m going to give a very brief background on something else that I thought today would help put the story and understanding together. 

Meena’s First Encounter With Dr. Pillai 

Back in April of 2000, I met Dr. Pillai for the first time. I was working on Wall Street, and he came to the Empire State Building. I walked there from my work, and I was in the very back row. When he came in, I felt this peace from just his presence. Then when he was walking, he gave us a meditation, and then the Darshan [his energetic transmission] brought such a bright light. 

Even though I had had years of meditation studying with a very advanced, enlightened Siddha Master, in that moment, I just knew from that light, he was the holiest. I have come to know [that] he is the Avatar, to bring our Light Body. After that, I went home that night. I had this big, beautiful house in New Jersey. And I remember thinking “This is why I ended up getting this home.” And I started just preparing it for him. Others in my life could not understand how I kept saying I am required to reprioritize my life. 

Sure enough, maybe eight months or a year later, he was teaching classes, and this whole vision was there from that first time he came. Since then my life has been amazing! It’s been a journey that I felt quite grateful for. But about three weeks ago, when Dr. Pillai talked about the Pentecostal, the beginning of the Golden Age, there was that light again. 

When Dr. Pillai Talked About The Pentecostal and Beginning of the Golden Age, there was that Light again”

Although there have been many profound experiences, this was somehow different. And it was a wake up call. It was the same thing. I had to reprioritize. Over the years, I would say that one thing that came to me very clearly was that my long-standing relationship with red wine needed to end. That was the first. 

And then these visions of what has been showing up like an atom bomb in the cells – this light exploding within- is the promise that I have felt coming. I had heard someone say that in the DNA, there is actually a code that says, ‘I am God. All of us have inside of us, the knowledge that we are God.’

That is why this has been a very big wake up call. It really just keeps revealing itself. That was the big shift.”

Ask Yourself What Matters To You 

Mohini: “So Meena, from this realization, that everything is going to be new and different in your life and to reprioritize your life, can you help us ask the kinds of questions that we all need to ask during this time of preparing ourselves for the Anointing?”

Meena: “Yes. To me, I think it starts with, ‘What is the priority?’ What matters to you now, not what matters to anybody else, but to you. And, actually, it was after that vision, and that light going off, or the light beam coming in. 

When I heard Dr. Pillai, it did make me aware that I just did not have the clarity that I once had. That clarity came in with recommitting to what matters to me. That is the Light Body. It gave me a lot of strength in knowing that my actions were not matching my priorities. This has been since almost the beginning of life, but now it is taking so much more shape and clarity as to what to do. 

I would say the first is understanding what really matters to you. And that is what my first question came in as. And then it was setting the intention. Then I visualize light and the clearing of anything that does not align, and is not part of being God. I will go out in the sun, and just feel the Divinity of that sun in the light, and feel the crown of being a daughter of God, of being God, claiming that. That has a lot of power because then it replaces an old self image of being a limited human.”

His Blood, His Body, and The Power He Gave Us

Mohini: “Beyond those inner questions, you also told me that you are doing a very beautiful ritual with Jesus every day in order to prepare yourself. And that this is the first time that you’ve had a very profound connection to Jesus. Can you talk about that?”

Meena: I had this beautiful statue of Jesus, which was a gift a couple years ago. I did communion, and then I kneeled. His eyes gazed at me and I have felt so much communication now, his compassion. When I offered wine, a very small amount, with a cracker as bread, I really connected with His blood, His body, and the power of what He gave to us. 

There was a part of me that could not accept the level of suffering He went through. Maybe deep down the sense of worthiness to let someone so compassionate and loving as Jesus to actually go through what He went through. It was almost too much to bear, but I have accepted it. Each time, I remember it was His gift to us. That I accept it, His blood, and His body. I’ve had two experiences with the wine when I am taking little sips, it tastes and feels like I am drinking blood. And it is His gift. It does chase away all the demons.”


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