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This Guru Purnima is very special not only for you, but also for me.

It not only is going to awaken the faith in you, but also the faith in me as well.

The awakening of faith is a prerequisite for creating and experiencing the miracles of Guru Purnima. Without miracles, life will be cumbersome, purposeless and without God.

That Jesus arose from the dead is the miracle that is the foundation of Christianity.

There are so many such miracles that the Siddhas have done, including turning their bodies into Light.

The Guru Purnima time is the best time to experience miracles. When miracles happen, you won’t even know because it happens in a space that is timeless.

You won’t even know that the miracle has happened to you. Many times, digital cameras have picked up my Light body and I never wanted to exhibit to this to the public, but I think it is time that I do that.

Evidence of the Light Body

This particular picture was taken many years ago, five to six years ago or more in Hawaii.




I was in a sacred space. It’s a garden of Rudraksha trees, hundreds of Rudraksha trees. And I was standing in the garden, stepping on the Rudraksha beads and I was just handing over a Rudraksha fruit to my wife. There were a few people around me. And the picture showed my Light body.

Everyone else was only experiencing their own meat body. I don’t remember particularly that I was going through an experience of my own Light body until later they showed me the picture in which the Light body was present. It made me reflect now that you have the body, but you don’t know about it.

Understanding the Light Body

Maybe we are changing at a tremendous speed and the camera happened to get the picture at one such time. Now this proof from the camera reinforces the faith that you can experience the Light body. Not only did the camera experience it but you can experience it.

Turning the body into Light is the ultimate miracle. And I am very committed to that. It has so many implications. It’s not just about turning the body into Light. It’s all about understanding the speed of Light, the speed of Time, the speed of Space, and the understanding that dawns at that time of the relationship between Space and Time and of Cause and Effect.

Cause and Effect of Light Body

Without a cause, you’ll be able to get an effect and you’ll be able to get an effect without time too. What does that mean? That means while you are thinking a thought whether of money, relationship or health, you can manifest it at the very same time, or even before the thought arises, you will be able to manifest.

It is something like you pulling the trigger of a gun and then the bullet hits the target. The bullet goes only after you pull the trigger. But in a miracle, even a thought and even before thinking, the bullet is released and reaches the target. That is the miracle.

We are all capable of that, but science and technology have killed the miracle Consciousness that God has given to everyone.

The Guru Purnima time is the time for miracles, the time to see angels and work with them. Come and experience those miracles and be a witness unto yourself.

God Bless.

Dr Pillai


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