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What is your most burning wish? You know: the one that doesn’t let you sleep at night and comes to your mind without hesitation.

For most, the word is money. For many it’s happiness, for others it’s health. According to the wisdom traditions of the Siddhas, Rishis and yogis of India, a real guru, or rather a Guru, is a being with supernatural powers who can take you from an ordinary state of consciousness to a place hidden in your brain and soul, from which you can become infinite. You can then acquire a higher state of consciousness and find solutions to all your problems.

Better yet, this exceptional person will make a sacrifice, taking on your bad karma that is creating the problems in your life. This act of sacrifice isn’t without risks for the Guru—in fact some gurus suffer from diseases after healing their students, or undergo various unpleasant consequences for having helped and interfered with someone’s bad karma.

A truly enlightened master, in fact, is believed to come to earth with the full awareness of his or her divine origins, and with just one goal—uplifting humanity and ending suffering.

These spiritual beings have obtained supernormal powers that they may or may not want to display—but if you dig into their lives, you’ll know they aren’t ordinary humans.

They’ve been seen levitating, or acquiring a luminous halo around their body, communicating telepathically, healing years’ worth of sorrows, materializing objects, and producing life-changing miracles.

Suspending our skepticism in an era of fast growing technology and science isn’t easy—yet testimonials from thousands of people around the world can’t be ignored.

Meet the Guru

 Dr. Pillai is a scholar and a phenomenologist of religion involved in brain research at major institutions such as Harvard University. He’s also a master from the Tamil Siddha tradition—an unbroken lineage of yogis known for their mastery of human consciousness and their supernormal abilities.

Usually, the Siddhas refrain from publicity and refuse to exhibit their powers, yet many testimonials and written accounts tell of miraculous healings, their mysterious appearance in several places at once, and even their control over natural phenomena.

Agastya, perhaps the most powerful Siddha of all times, is said to live in his light body like many other Siddhas who have conquered death and turned the flesh of their bodies into light forms.




The Secrets of Time

The best time of the year to receive the grace of a Guru is Guru Purnima—a special full moon that occurs this year on July 7-8.   

Special astrological times—also known as time shaktis—are said to favor your encounter with a Siddha or other spiritual master. It is believed that without an auspicious timing in both your astrological chart and the current planetary placements, it’s very difficult to receive grace or miracles from a Guru. If you’re reading this, you’re probably undergoing a favorable dasha or astrological time for your spiritual growth.

The Siddhas are known for transforming individuals through a simple darshan, or visual blessing, that can turn your irresistible bad habits (or karma) into positive ones. The master will simply look at the student and that person’s problems can vanish overnight.

To give an example of how darshan works, here’s an episode that I experienced in one of my many seminars with Dr. Pillai.

One of his students, a woman who’d been in an abusive relationship for several years, told me about a miracle she had received from Dr. Pillai. A few months before, during Dr. Pillai’s darshan, she’d suddenly lost the desire to be in that painful relationship.

Any attempt by her former partner to reestablish their connection failed as he no longer had any power over her. She said she felt free, rejuvenated and was regaining her lost self-esteem. Also, new avenues in her career were opening up for her.

Individualized blessings

Meeting a master in person is a rare chance to experience miracles first hand.

During the upcoming Guru Purnima, in San Diego, California, on July 5-8, 2017,

Dr. Pillai will be giving darshan and teaching seminars, which will include the revelation of yogic secrets of evolution, such as the astral body and the light body.

The yogis say that one-on-one instructions and energy transmissions from the Guru are more profound than simply studying his teachings, because each individual’s needs and level of understanding are met by the master—so neither the guidance nor the blessings are standardized.

The Full Moon of the Guru is considered one of those rare times when the blessings of your Guru can reach you even from afar. For this reason and for those who can’t travel to the U.S., the Pillai Center is now offering a Guru Purnima package that includes an all-day livestream webcast from San Diego.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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