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Shreem Brzee Mantra

It’s Shreem Brzee time. I’ve been inspired to do this video clip for those of you who have been initiated into the Shreem Brzee meditation. Initiation is like anointing in the true sense of the term, anointing. When you are anointed, then you are from that time onward born again in the true sense of the term.

Now Shreem Brzee is not just a mantra. It is also a person. That person is now, after the initiation, living with you. You need a little bit of alertness to appreciate that. Then you will be able to see Shreem Brzee who is the goddess of wealth. And she will be with you.

You Must Become One

The reason why Shreem Brzee came into this world, as I have mentioned many times, is to make everyone affluent, regardless of your education, skills, age, sex, race, creed or any other categories. They don’t really matter. What really matters is the anointing. When you are anointed, you are reborn. And Shreem Brzee will follow you.




It’s in your eyes. She’s in your eyes, in your ears, in your brain, in your body parts, and you are able to see her presence. If your eyes you can see. If your ears, you can hear, you know. There’s a famous biblical saying.

So, take some effort just to try to see her, feel her. It will be like an apparition or a presence. You may not be able to see this as you see a physical being or a movie or anything, but you can see the presence through the mind’s eye.

Shreem Brzee has proved itself. I want at some point everybody to be initiated into that. And during the upcoming Guru Purnima, of course, it will be included in the program to do Shreem Brzee and you’ll also get some training during that time to feel her.

Faith Equals Miracles

Believe in miracles. If you don’t believe in miracles, miracles won’t happen. If you don’t have miracles in your life, that means you don’t have faith in God. If you have faith in God, there will always be miracles. What is faith in God going to do? Faith in God will bring God alive in your life. And you are turning your life on to God.

Likewise, turn your life on to Shreem Brzee. The goddess will take care of you as far as your financial needs are concerned.

This video that I’m making, also is not [that] I’m doing it, I’m just being used as a vehicle by Shreem Brzee herself and by God himself who wants to help his own children. And he doesn’t want his children to suffer.

God Bless.

Dr Pillai


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