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“My birthday will soon be here. It will be a very powerful day. The day of my birth is very important. Astrologically, it is the time and space that I chose to live on this Earth plane.

For those who cannot attend my birthday trip in person, I have designed a program to take you there in an esoteric way, using Yogic and Tantric technology. You can attend virtually using a surrogate device called a yantra. This is a geometrical design of your personal horoscope, or natal chart, embedded onto a copper plate. The inscription will enable me to connect with your energy.

Cleanse your Karma and Re-Write the Future

Through the yantra you will be able to participate in the main objective of the program, which is to remove karma. The yantra will be blessed by me and energized at the many temples I will visit. It will also be cleansed in the sacred Rameshwaram holy waters. During this virtual journey you will be able to re-write your destiny through the proxy Fire Labs and enjoy a webcast from India.

As Good as Being Here With Me

We should end the pain and suffering that we currently endure. We can do this through a change of consciousness. I personally invite you to participate in this proxy program. It will act as your virtual presence throughout this spiritual journey.”

– Dr Pillai


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