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“Jupiter is considered as the teacher par excellence. He is also called the ‘God of Gold’ in Vedic astrology. He is responsible for taking care of all kinds of problems and afflictions by other planets as well. He is also a planet that governs intelligence. He is responsible for the highest consciousness and highest intelligence that is processed as a yellow or golden light in the pineal gland.” ‒ Dr. Pillai


(Note: The 2019 AstroVed printed calendar has a typo error saying Jupiter turns direct in Sagittarius August 11. Jupiter is currently sitting in Scorpio. He has been in a retrograde motion since mid-April. We apologize for the misprint.)


Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio on August 11, 2019, in both North America and Asia. He will travel direct in Scorpio until November 4, 2019, in North America / November 5, 2019, in Asia when he will transit into Sagittarius.

The symbol of Scorpio, the scorpion, is often a nocturnal creature. Scorpio is the most occult and secretive environment of all the signs. Jupiter going direct in Scorpio is favorable for working with the “hidden energies”. He gives support for strengthening consistent habits with mantras, meditation and ritual practices.


Optimistic Jupiter Going Direct in Scorpio Renews Hope and Positivity

 “You have to train the mind to gradually evolve and conceive the unlimited.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Jupiter is a planet that can help us with all our spiritual practices. This is a good period to deepen and increase our efforts for positivity as Jupiter does radiate an overall optimistic energy. In Roman times, Jupiter was called Jove, and our English word jovial comes from that.

Jupiter has enormous positive energy. He is sometimes called “The Great Benefic”, so this shift can give us energies of fresh hope.


Jupiter Is Currently in the Jyestha, Star at the Heart of Scorpio

Jupiter makes the change from retrograde to direct while in the star of Jyestha. Jyestha is a star associated with courage and conflict resolution. Jyeshta has a reddish color and is sometimes described as the “heart” of the Scorpio constellation.

Jyeshta is a huge star and is known as Antares in astronomy. If we put Jyestha in our solar system where our Sun is, the size of Jyestha would go past the Sun, past Mercury, past Venus, past the Earth, past Mars and half way out to Jupiter.

We can embrace Jupiter’s movement to direct while he is in immense Jyestha as a wonderful time to earnestly reset our focus toward positivity in all areas of our life. We can ask Jupiter to ignite our passions so that we are flooded with golden light and a hearty drive toward optimism and good cheer.


Jupiter Is 200%: 100% Spiritual and 100% Material

Dr. Pillai encourages everyone to live a 200% life, 100% spiritual and 100% material.

Jupiter is truly a 200% planet. He has agenda for all things spiritual as well as the highest integrity, and he also has agenda for great wealth. Jupiter can empower us for both enlightenment and prosperity. This is a favorable time to set expansive goals in both the spiritual and material areas of our lives. With Jupiter’s help, we can open our minds to think big and write out fresh goals.

Jupiter rules the areas of banking and the law. With his blessings, we can seek fresh resolutions with any banking or legal matters.

Jupiter’s day of the week is Thursday, and his grain is called garbanzo bean or chickpea in English. Some people like to offer Jupiter a small amount of garbanzo bean / chickpea on Thursdays and also include some in their meal, whether adding some to a salad or putting in casserole or having as a side dish. In Tamil Nadu (a state in southern India), this grain is called channa, and there are many tasty variations on how to serve it.


Jupiter Going Direct in Scorpio Can Open Up Inner Wisdom

One of Jupiter’s names is Brihaspati, the lord of prayer. He is considered a teacher to divine beings. He can give good counsel and help us to be open to those who are giving us sound advice.

Jupiter is considered to be the son of Rishi Angira, described in some texts as of the seven great rishis or sages of ancient times and one of the authors of the Rig Veda. Jupiter is said to share the spiritual knowledge of his father.

Jupiter going direct in the most occult sign while in a powerful star can give us blessings to grow deeper in wisdom.


Jupiter in Science News

On August 8, 2019, NASA released a new photograph of Jupiter from the Hubble telescope taken in June, 2019. The new photo has an excellent view of Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot as well as a vivid display of the swirling colors across Jupiter’s atmosphere.


Jupiter in Scorpio: Home Remedies

During Jupiter in Scorpio period, many people like to do some home remedies. Some suggestions include:

  • Express gratitude to Jupiter for our blessings in this life in encountering spiritual teachers and spiritual teachings
  • Request Jupiter to deepen our commitment to truly living a 200% life: 100% spiritual and 100% material
  • Make prayers to Jupiter for blessings for greater wealth, positivity and integrity
  • Ask Jupiter to resolve all banking and legal matters with justice and compassion
  • Light ghee lamps for Jupiter
  • Do extra chanting of Jupiter mantra Om Gurave Namaha
  • Offer Jupiter garbanzo beans or chick peas on Thursdays and include some in a meal
  • Read the 108 names of Jupiter and the commentaries on them in the Jupiter chapter of Yoga of the Planets: Their Mantras and Philosophy by Andrew Foss


Jupiter Direct in Scorpio, 2019:

Pillai Center is offering a Jupiter direct in Scorpio remedial package.

Some people like to honor Jupiter with a yellow, diamond-cut citrine mala as that is one of the precious stones associated with Jupiter.

A gentle reminder that all the planets, including Jupiter, like it when we perform acts of compassion. It is always a good gesture to do an act of kindness for others such as feeding a hungry person or helping an elderly or a disabled person or making a donation to Dr. Pillai’s charity Tripura Foundation or any other charity of our choice.

Some people like to make an extra gesture for Jupiter and do something to show support for the educational efforts of others.

May Jupiter bless us during his stay in Scorpio with renewed positivity, increased wisdom, deeper commitment to our spiritual practices and overall joy and abundance in our material lives. We ask Jupiter to bless all our teachers of the past, present and to come. We ask Jupiter to bless all our students of the past, present and to come. We thank him for the blessing of spiritual community and cheerful attitude. May Jupiter renew hope for all and teach all of us to use both spiritual and material power with wisdom.

Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher and an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site.


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