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The Tamil siddhas are considered by some to be the Earth plane’s premiere spiritual lineage, which has remained unbroken since times immemorial.

In fact, many of the world’s most prominent spiritual traditions can be traced back to this illustrious group of masters.

For example, Bhogar, one of the 18 original siddhas who is believed to be an incarnation of Muruga. In general, the teachings of the siddhas are believed to be at the core of all authentic traditions as they are entrusted with this work as part of their role in helping humanity to evolve. In essence, because of the perfection, they have achieved, they have a direct connection to God and are responsible for revealing God’s teachings to humanity, and also updating them throughout the ages so they can be used by the people of the time.

What is the origin of the Tamil siddhas? Dr. Pillai Explains:

Muruga is the God of the Pleiades and has a vested interest in the Earth plane. Once upon a time, the Pleiadian race occupied the Earth plane, particularly Tamil Nadu in Southern India. It is one of the areas where you have the descendants of the Pleiadian race. That is why there are very rare teachings available in the Tamil language, which is a Pleiadian language. Alex Collier, the guy who was abducted by the Andromedans, revealed that once upon a time the whole Earth plane spoke only one language and it was Tamil. Tamil has a lot of secrets, and Tamil mantras are a lot more powerful than in any other languages including Sanskrit.” – Dr. Pillai

Meeting Muruga: God of the Tamil Siddahs

Now that you have a better idea of the glory of the powers of siddhars, you can begin to understand just how glorious their God, Muruga, is. Not only is Muruga the Lord of the Pleiades, the origin of the Tamil siddha lineage, but also the author of the Tamil language itself. Some consider the Tamil language and Muruga to be non-different.

Muruga is said to have been born from the 3rd eye of Shiva, the supreme God, through immaculate conception. However, while Muruga is the son and an incarnation of Shiva, he is considered to be an upgrade.

Muruga is said to have been born from the 3rd eye of Shiva, the supreme God, through immaculate conception. However, while Muruga is the son and an incarnation of Shiva, he is considered to be an upgrade.

For example, Shiva has five heads where Muruga has six. Shiva’s mula mantra (foundational sounds) has five syllables, where Muruga’s has six. Perhaps these and more are why Muruga is the Guru of Shiva himself.

Muruga, also known by various names such as Kartikeya, Subramanya, and Skanda, is considered to be a perfect synthesis of masculine and feminine energy, representing both pure consciousness and matter in one form.

  • As the Guru to his own Father, Shiva, Muruga is the God of wisdom.
  • As Lord of Kundalini (Vel), Muruga is the God of supernormal powers and enlightenment.
  • As the Archetype of all six parts of the brain, Muruga is the God of supreme intelligence.
  • As the General of the Divine Army, Muruga is the God who defeats karmic forces of suffering and limitation.
  • As the author and personification of OM, Muruga is the God of all mantras and their power.
  • As the embodiment of compassion and mercy, Muruga is the God of Divine Love.

Celebrate Mugura’s 6 Special Days

“If you have the blessings of Muruga, you will get into miracles instantaneously.” – Dr. Pillai

One of Muruga’s most prominent features, according to devotees, which explains why he so loved, is he is very responsive and easy to please. His six days, known as Skanda Shasti, are when his energy will be abundantly available to those who reach out to him.

In particular, this time is associated with the cleansing and activating of your chakras, and the raising of your kundalini to experience your God-identity.

Our specialists will be invoking Muruga’s blessings, through grand ceremonies at select powerspots where Muruga’s energy is alive and active, on behalf of sponsors. Click the button below to explore different ways to join and also to purchase energized items which will be empowered during the once-a-year ceremonies.

To Your Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center Team



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