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My Great Lesson: Dr. Pillai’s Autobiography Part One

I have just opened my eyes after a very special sleep which lasted for twelve hours. Many things were revealed to me during this time which I will share.

I came to this Earth plane to change the destiny of those who are suffering. It upsets me to see humanity going through hardship and pains.  Human birth is more precious than being a god or an angel, but we waste our consciousness in the pursuit of money, food, and sex. Collectively, we are in a very bad state of mind.

The prophets and avatars teach us about a higher level of consciousness, a super mind which is beyond the waking state, beyond the ego and all forms of reasoning—even beyond scientific and technological achievements.

Everything is light. You are light. Movement is light. Consciousness is light, but we do not open our eyes and see this light which is the source of everything.

Astrology is a science that teaches about light, the self-existent part of us that is omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. The Vedic Seers call it ‘Jyotish’ or ‘Jyoti’ light.


Attaining a Light Body

Ramalingam said: “Arut Perum Jothi is the ultimate mantra for light and attaining a Light Body”.

Jothi, Jothi, Jothi Suyam,   Jothi, Jothi, Jothi Perum,   Jothi, Jothi, Jothi Arul,   Jothi, Jothi, Jothi Sivam,   Jothi, Jothi, Jothi Sivam,   Jothi, Jothi, Jothi Sivam”.


The Guru of the Planets

Jupiter removes the ignorance that stops us from seeing the light. We live in darkness. We do not know how the brain works, why we are here, or who we are.

Scientists tell us that we are 99.9% ignorant, yet still we remain proud of science and technology. We must become conscious of Light or we will never create the Golden Age.

The real education is not mathematics, physics, chemistry, or biology. It is the science of light, the pulsation of consciousness – Light reflecting through the Planets.

We have to understand the planets and their movement. They have control over our thoughts and thus, define our actions. We have to watch the planets and how they control our destiny.


Education and Enlightenment

I, myself, am guided by the divine light of Jupiter. I was born under the Purva Bhadrapada Star in the third ‘Pada’ which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet committed to enlightenment. The planets also have their own negative aspects. When Jupiter is in the sixth house for Libra, my Ascendant, he is in a position to teach me.

Any planet that comes to the sixth house will cause conflict, disease, and all manner of unpleasant things. I teach Astrology to provide the remedies when things go wrong.

We need to be aware of how much time we are wasting. We need to step out of the darkness and into the light. This is my soul’s interest or God’s interest.

 “Om Nama Sivaya”.

– Dr. Pillai


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