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Ravana was a demon who fell in love with Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. Not content to worship the princess from afar, he bundled Sita into an air-born chariot against her will and quickly took to the sky. Terrified and desperate, Sita noticed 4 monkeys in the Ashoka forest below. She quickly threw her necklace out of the chariot. A monkey named Hanuman picked up the precious stones and carried them away.

Intelligence, Power, and the Energy to Do Anything

Hanuman was a flying monkey. He soared across the sea looking for the exact spot where Sita was held captive. He then flew back across the water and into the Ashoka forest to find Rama who was frantically looking for his wife. Rama instantly recognized the necklace the monkey was carrying and knew that Hanuman could lead him to Sita. With Hanuman’s intelligence and  supernormal strength, a bridge was quickly built for Rama to cross the mighty sea and free his wife from captivity.

The Footprint of Hanuman

As part of Dr. Pillai’s 2019 Birthday Trip, prayer offerings will be performed at the exact spot where Sita first set eyes on Hanuman. Here, you can soak in the ephemeral presence of the monkey god at his eighteen-foot statue. His energy is said to provide the physical and mental strength to face challenging ordeals and move forward in life with great success. Allow the body, mind, and soul to be coated in a feeling of great confidence, courage, and wisdom drawn from this powerful place.


Click the button below to sponsor prayer offerings at this sacred Hanuman powerspot.

The deadline to register is February 4 at 4:00 pm PST.

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