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muruga, vel, 6th waxing moon, 3rd eye meditation

Powertime: Awaken the Brain to Fuller Functioning with Muruga

Sunday, February 10 PST

“He is an Archetype who can do miracles, and who carries the highest intelligence to perform the most difficult tasks. He is the compassionate one [who bails] us out from difficult situations. He is the Lord of the Pleiades, and the Pleiadians are very concerned about the evolution of the Earth plane.” – Dr. Pillai


The 6th Waxing Moon is a powertime for Spiritual Warrior Archetype Muruga. Muruga conquers internal enemies with his Vel (lance) and represents the evolution of the brain and third eye. 6th Moons in the Vedic calendar are Muruga’s regular powertimes.

This particular 6th Moon will be in Revati, a star of enlightenment and relationships. Muruga can help open your third eye and brain and teach you that life is enlightenment, which is also pure love.


The Vel: Muruga’s Mighty Weapon

Dr. Pillai teaches:

“The Vel, which is the lance that Muruga carries, can erase your karma: your money karma, your relationship karma, your health karma, and your disease karma. It’s glowing with a tremendous amount of light coming out of the Vel, light and heat. That light and heat, both celestial, will diffuse the karmic deposits within your soul, and also within your brain.” 


“Once karma is diffused by the Vel, then the mindset will change. Most people have a mediocre mindset, attracting only scarcity and fighting with scarcity. Then they continue to live in that state of mind. That has to be changed, and who can help? Muruga and his Vel can help.” 



Chant Muruga’s seed syllable (Bija) mantra for conquering internal enemies: Om Saravana Bhava

It is pronounced ohm sah-rah-vah-nah bah-vah, with equal accent on each syllable. The mantra can dissolve karmic thought patterns and help bring good health and prosperity.

Do the Muruga Third Eye Meditation to Melt Karma:

Pillai Center teacher Mohini has shared a powerful meditation that uses Muruga’s Vel and mantra to remove internal enemies and bad karma, and to awaken the third eye, your Spiritual Eye. Try this meditation, and you can see just how powerful it is.


  1. Imagine Muruga holding a Vel in his hand. The Vel is as bright as thousands of suns, and just as powerful. Visualize it as a bright flame. Do this for a few moments.
  2. Imagine the Vel in your entire spinal column, with its head in your 3rd Eye, which is between the eyebrows and a little bit inward.
  3. The Vel is now burning your 3rd Eye, purifying it of negative karma, and making room for Divine Intelligence and intuition.
  4. Say a prayer: I will never forget the Vel, burning in my 3rd Eye, as a bright flame, removing my karma.
  5. Command the Vel, in prayer, to remove all disease karma. Remember to keep the visualization of the Vel in the spinal column going. It’s very bright.
  6. Repeat Muruga’s seed syllable mantra: Om Saravana Bhava. It’s pronounced Ohm Sah Rah Vah Nah Bah Vah. This is the sound equivalent of the Vel that slices up your inner demons.
  7. Command the Vel to remove poverty consciousness, and repeat the mantra while the Vel burns in your 3rd Eye.
  8. Repeat the previous step with a command to remove your ignorance and replace it with Divine Intelligence.
  9. Give thanks to Muruga.



Join the Awaken Brain to Fuller Functioning Interactive Fire Lab on February 10 PST. The priests will invoke Muruga, on your behalf, for blessings related to enlightenment, love, and awakening the brain and third eye. Enjoy the benefits of ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology, and use modern technology to tune in to the live webcast from home.


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