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Navaratri 9 Night of The Goddess

Dr. Pillai: “Not many things excite me these days, but this upcoming Navaratri really excites me. It is about teaching people to directly confront the Divine, particularly the Goddess. 

The Goddess is hungry for attention, and your own soul is hungry for attention 

The Goddess has been downplayed for so long because of the Patriarchal Tradition everywhere, but this is the time that the Goddess from this Navaratri, Nine Nights of the Goddess, onwards is going to be very active. You will be surprised that the world is going to be ruled predominantly by The Mother Divine, which means there will be great opportunity for the woman’s spirit uprising. 

What I am going to teach (that is very special) is about nine sounds that you will receive and some of you may have heard these sounds. The sounds are not like Aim, or Shreem. These are sounds for different Goddesses, which I have taught, like Kleem. All of these sounds will be repeated, but then I have never given the real significance of these sounds, and how they can go and affect your brain to create  higher states of consciousness. How these sounds are related to the specific anthropomorphic forms of these Goddesses, and this cannot be as powerful as when they are practiced during these Nine Nights of The Goddess because the Goddesses are descending into this Earth plane at this time.

 Why are they descending? To give you a consciousness that is not limited. 

Unlimited consciousness will be available in order to do supernormal things.

To think and then to manifest is really the key for inviting The Goddess into your life, especially during Navaratri

The Goddess will change your consciousness and become so powerful, that you will think and manifest. That is the philosophy behind that. 

This Navaratri period is a very important time to do esoteric practices.

I invite every one of you who have been following me and also others to come to the Navaratri Program and take advantage of these great meditations wherein I will teach you to go from the human limited consciousness to the Divine Consciousness of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence.

Just to even say: “Shreem” is to awaken that Archetypal Consciousness within you. Then there is a way of doing “Shreem.” You have to finish it… You have to get into a state of mind which is called: ‘Chit,’ which is The Goddess Consciousness. If you do not use The Goddess Consciousness, and say the mantra then you will be using the human mind. 

The difference between the human mind, and The Goddess’s Mind is that The Divine Mind, or The Goddess’s Mind, is called: ‘Chit,’ and the human mind is called ‘Chitta.’ 

The ‘Chit’ has no doubt, it has Miracle as part of its own consciousness as practical reality. ‘Chitta’ is the human mind, which cannot accept Miracles because it does not have that. 

We have been saying “Shreem Brzee” with a human mind. You can do it with The Goddess Mind, because The Goddess Mind is also within you, The Unconscious. You have to do it in a different way which involves preparing your mind to process the subtlest levels of this sound. In order to process the subtlest level of the mind, you have to go and alter the time within your own mind. The subtlest level of the sound, and the subtlest level of time, correspond. In other words, you have to say the sound: “Shreem,” or “Shreeem.” I will talk about it at length. Say within 1,867.5th the division of a second. In order to say the sound within this 1,867.5th of a second, you have to refine the mind.

 Otherwise, to say ‘Shreem” takes a second, or a half a second, and that will not work. I will talk a lot about that with regard to all of the Goddesses. You just go on saying: “Shreem Brzee,” “Shreem Brzee,” “Shreem Brzee,” “Shreem Brzee.” If you want a full benefit of this, you have to get to that level. tIt is the will of ‘The Goddess.’

God Bless.”

Dr. Pillai’s Navaratri Revelations

We warmly invite you to join an upcoming webinar September 18th at 9 am PDT as a chance to learn how you can prepare for one of the most powerful Goddess powertimes of the year known as Nine Nights of the Goddess, or Navaratri, and reap maximum blessings and guidance from Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.