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roullette with planets

An astrological term that can arouse emotional turmoil even in the mainstream world is Mercury retrograde. We don’t like it, we fear it and we prepare for it. Some astrologers even dismiss it.

But not so fast—there are indications that many experience delays and communication challenges when this planet goes backwards. So between January 21st and February 11th we will need to become more aware of details, appliances and travels.

To add to the above, Jupiter, the planet of inspiration, expansion and wisdom is also retrograding in the sky from our vantage point on earth. While there is no need to panic, these two planets acting a bit out of character may require some caution.

So here are five ways to prevent difficulties and maximize the good planetary energies.

Double check words and writings. It doesn’t cost us anything to be cautious, so taking a few extra minutes to double check files before attaching them in an email, or exercising self-control in our speech to avoid logorrhea—the state in which we speak too much without thinking—can go a long way to clarify our thoughts and avoid miscommunication.

Watch your grammar. A typo is definitely not the end of the world, however, repeated grammatical errors in a resume or proposal can spell missed opportunity—and you can’t even blame autocorrect. So proofreading is a must.

stay positive

Stay positive. Much of the good luck associated with Jupiter may be due to its optimism engendering quality. There is no space for self-doubt or fear when Jupiter is working favorably on our behalf. But during its retrograde, this planet of wealth, children and divine teachings can temporarily feel stuck. So it’s important to ignore negativity at all costs.

Use delays as an opportunity. Often a difficulty is an opportunity to learn something new, as it’s often the case during Mercury’s retrograde motion. Perhaps you can now improve your knowledge of technology or the stock market. Now, we must trust that by expanding our knowledge of a subject we will eventually benefit big time. In fact, an exalted Jupiter can bless everyone with wealth, but during the retrograde months (until April 2015) the benefits may not be so apparent.

Meditate. Retrogrades are not bad per se. Spending a few minutes in meditation on a daily basis will put you in touch with the celestial currents. Planetary sounds can also help one’s consciousness tune into the divine energies. The mantras OM GURAVE NAMAHA (108 times, for Jupiter) and OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (108 times, for Mercury) will help you to receive support from these planets.

Enjoy the energies!

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