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sun in capThis month, the Sun is transiting through Capricorn, making it a great time to focus on your career, ambition, and life purpose. Sun entered Capricorn on January 14, 2015 and will remain there until February 12th.

Sun’s entrance into Capricorn is called the Vedic Winter Solstice, and it initiates the six months of the year when the Sun is moving northward through the zodiac. North being the direction of Kubera, the banker in heaven, means that this is a favorable time to start new ventures. The Sun is bringing in new life force, consciousness, and purpose into the world.

The Sun symbolizes our soul, activity, royalty, and the father. Capricorn, or Makara in Sanskrit, is a sign of ancient past life abilities and karmas. It is symbolized by an animal with the head of a deer and the hind part of a crocodile. A deer is a very gentle and curious animal, while a crocodile is an ancient predator that has enormous strength and patience. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a planet of discipline, perseverance, restrictions, and compassion. Saturn can bring unexpected skills back to life provided that you clean up karmas from the past.

Capricorn is a sign of manifestation, i.e. bringing our internal goals into concrete form in the world. It includes energies of working hard and following a set course. This hardworking nature can help you to become mentally strong and spiritually detached.

Capricorn is the natural 10th house of career and life purpose. This is the realm of life where we develop a profession and seek authority, status and good reputation. Through working in a career, we fulfill our life purpose, which is also called dharma.

Jupiter, the 200% planet of spiritual blessings and wealth, is currently exalted and is aspecting Sun in Capricorn. Saturn is sitting in Scorpio, where he is also aspecting his own house Capricorn. These aspects will be beneficial for the career potential of this month. Mercury, the planet of communication, business, and wealth is currently in Capricorn. Venus, the luxury-loving planet of beauty and the arts is also in Capricorn.

Favorable Activities

Here are some activities you may find advantageous this month:

  • Are you becoming aware of any past life powers, abilities, and/or karmas? Take advantage of your unique strengths and abilities. We have all come here with different gifts to share with the world. If karmas do come up, make sure to do karma-busting rituals to dissolve them on the powerful Sani Pradosham on Saturday, January 31st.
  • Take action for your life purpose and what you desire to manifest.
  • Start new ventures in your personal and professional life.
  • Promote yourself, perhaps change jobs or ask for a raise.
  • Take pride in doing a good job.
  • Keep your ego in check – be patient with others and make sure to share the credit with them. Avoid clashing with people in authority.

During the next few weeks, we will be experiencing a lot of powerful energy vortex days – as always! Attending Sundays with Sucharita, you quickly learn that every month brings important Vedic power days. The Divine is showing us that there is always infinite power available to us when we stay in the NOW.

Thai Amavasya New Moon

The Thai Amavasya New Moon takes place on Monday, January 19th. This will be a powerful day to offer tarpanam to your ancestors. Lord Siva, who had his birthday two weeks ago on the full moon, will be giving the energy to evolve your ancestors. It’s also possible to remove a lot of bad financial karma on this day. When your ancestors become powerful, they will give you blessings to help you in your life. Learn more here.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn

On Wednesday, January 21st, Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn until February 11th. Pay attention to see how this might affect your communication and relationship to technology.

Vasantha Panchami

On Saturday, January 24th, the energy of Saraswati, the goddess of intelligence, consciousness, and the arts, will be very strong. Vasantha Panchami is the day when you can seek blessings from Goddess Saraswati and her teacher, the horse-headed Lord Hayagriva, for a love of learning, good grades in school, music and the arts, and higher consciousness. Learn more at AstroVed here.

Ratha Sapthami

Ratha Sapthami, the Sun’s birthday, takes place on Monday, January 26th. This day will be an opportunity to improve your vitality and achieve your goals. Learn more here.

Dr Pillai’s Birthday & Thai Poosam – Day of Light

Dr. Pillai’s birthday will be on Sunday, February 1st. He will be offering a three hour meditation call along with proxy rituals. The next day, Monday, February 2, 2015 will be the day Thai Poosam – the day Swami Ramalingam ascended into light and the day when Lord Muruga received the vel from Parvati. This is the time when you can accomplish in one day what it would take you several years of meditation to achieve. Learn more here.

Love and Light, Radha
Sundays with Sucharita Support Team


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