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The Significance & Power of Your Birthday Trip Proxy Yantra

“I am going to also help the participants in the program to rewrite their destiny… there will be Fire Labs designed to do that, and I’m going to do that also for your proxy yantras. I recommend that you participate in that proxy technology. That can help you a lot and substitute your presence, being there with me. Also, once the yantras are there, I’ll be with you spiritually where ever you are. One thing is certain. We should end this pain and suffering through our change of consciousness. “ – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai’s 2018 birthday trip to sacred powerspot sites and temples in India is coming up at the end of this month. The theme this year is karma removal, and the sacred sites, temples, and wells all achieve this purpose. This is especially true for Rameshwaram, the karma-dissolving powerspot where he consciously took birth as part of his mission to heal karma.

For those who can’t participate in-person, Dr. Pillai will use a surrogate, or proxy. This takes the form of a yantra, on a copper sheet, inscribed with the name and birth date of the participant and sacred symbols. If you join virtually, this will be your “stand-in”.

Here, we’re going to go into a lot of detail about the design and significance of these birthday trip yantras.


Proxy Spiritual Technology is Ancient & Global

You’ve seen the old movies in which someone creates a “voodoo doll” in the likeness of a person they want to harm. They stick needles in the doll, and this causes real pain for the victim.

YantraThose are movies. In real life, spiritual traditions worldwide have used proxies. In energy healing practices like Reiki, people often perform healings through proxies.

The proxy can take on the form of a “stand-in” object the healer uses to represent the recipient. It can be a stone or any other object, as long the healer sets the intent for the recipient’s healing. It can also be a piece of paper with the name of the person, with or without a description of the type of healing desired. In Reiki energy healing, the healer may draw Reiki symbols on the paper.

Vedic priests have used proxy technology for thousands of years. Our very own Fire Labs use the participant’s name and birthstar. In some cases, it’s written on paper and then burned so that the intent and prayers go into the ether. In other cases, the name and birthstar is recited during the ceremony.


What is a Yantra?

A yantra is a geometric design that is able to absorb, and transmit to a person’s consciousness, energy it has been programmed with. You can use one, not only as a ceremonial proxy, but for other purposes as well. Some yantras are created specifically for communicating with Divine Archetypes. Others are for healing different types of karma, or for attracting money or a lover.


The Significance & Meaning of the Birthday Trip Yantras

While many yantras have very eleborate, geometric designs like mandalas, the birthday trip yantras are simple and beautiful. The design was revealed to Dr. Pillai through a Nadi reading.

Aside from the participant’s name and birthstar, this yantra includes other symbols.


Deepam (Upper Left Corner)

DeepamDeepam is a Sanskrit word meaning oil lamp. Lamps are used is many Vedic ceremonies. The obvious meaning of this symbol is light. The light of consciousness drives out darkness.

In scripture, Shiva, the Supreme Archetype of Karma Removal, took on the form of Aranuchala. Aranuchala is Infinite Fire. He assumed this form to destroy evil, darkness, and ignorance.

Every year, there is a Maha Deepam (Great Lamp) celebration at the mountain called Aranuchala, which will be one of the destinations of the birthday trip. It is said that this mountain is the physical embodiment of Shiva in Infinite Fire form.

The Deepam fits nicely with the karma removal theme of this year’s trip.


Shreem (Upper Right)

Shreem is the Bija, or seed syllable, for Wealth Goddess Archetype Lakshmi. When using it as a mantra, you are invoking Her. Some traditions associate this mantra with the Third Eye, the seat of intuition whose physical expression is the pineal gland.

Shreem attracts wealth, abundance, financial comfort, and, if desired, a satisfying family life.

The seed syllable is composed of phonemes, the most fundamental units of words and language. Each phoneme has meaning.

Sha refers to Lakshmi

Ra refers to wealth

Ee refers to material comfort and satisfaction

Mmm refers to the Absolute


Swastika (Bottom Left)

The 20th century created a negative association with this symbol. Before that, it was a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness in the West.

The swastika has been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. Native American tribes in the American Southwest and Great Plains have used it, and it has different meanings to different tribes. To the Navajo, it’s a healing symbol. To the Hopi, it stands for nomadic clans. The 45th Infantry Division of the United States Army made it part of their logo to represent the large percentage of members from Southwest tribes until Nazi Germany adopted it. In West Africa, they made swastikas with gold.

The Sanskrit word swasti means luck, good fortune, and glory. Literally, it means “creating good”. The swastika means the same thing in Hinduism and Buddhism.


Pot with Coconut (Bottom Right)

This is a symbol of abundance and creation. The pot symbolizes Earth. Water in the pot is the source of life and all of creation. The leaves and coconut represent creation.

Dr. Pillai teaches people to dissolve their karma with coconuts. To do this, you rub or roll the coconut around your entire body with the intent of sending your karmic impressions, or thought forms, into the coconut. Afterward, you smash the coconut.

Coconuts have powerful medicinal properties as well. Every coconut is more than 50% lauric acid. This fatty acid destroys the cell structures of many harmful pathogens.

A derivative of lauric acid and glycerin is called monolaurin, which is sold as a supplement. If you read the customer reviews of some of the more popular monolaurin brands, you’ll see common threads. Many people use it when they feel a cold or flu coming on, or when relatives are sick with these illnesses. It kills the germs. Some people also report success when treating chronic conditions caused by pathogens.

In light of the above, coconuts are powerful symbols of purification.


The Yantra is Yours to Keep

If you attend Dr. Pillai’s birthday trip virtually, your yantra will be sent to you after the trip. It will contain Dr. Pillai’s blessings and the blessings of the sacred sites and birthday rituals.

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