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“Shreem Brzee is a sound, a bosonic sound, that can create a reality of prosperity for everyone, regardless of whether or not you have a skill set, education, or anything. It doesn’t really matter. It is the ultimate wealth building mantra.


“The sound of money, which is not a dollar bill, but real money which is gold, is Shreem. But the sound of money is also the sound of life. Money is life. It sustains life. You are born with this sound, Shreem. It is the sound of life, the sound of the soul that will persist forever.

When you begin to live Shreem, it becomes easy for you to manifest because life itself is a manifestation. Shreem is therefore a manifesting energy that attracts wealth and money.

Shreem is a feminine sound of the Mother Goddess who is creative in nature. It has the ability to create by virtue of its own sound structure. It will increase your conceptual ability, because you have to conceive in order to create.

Shreem is going to give you permanent merit. What is permanent merit? Health is permanent merit, not just physical health, but also spiritual health. It will also give you psychological health, and beautiful relationships, because Shreem is a mantra that’s completely full. It’s completely flawless. It will give you a flawless life.


“Brzee changes your poverty consciousness, your skepticism, your confusion. All of these are erased by the sound Brzee. It will remove your karma. “Br” is a sound of birth. It’s as if you are being reborn. Your identity, whatever identity you have, has to be shattered. Brzee will shatter your identity. Your identity is a limitation. By shattering your identity, you will be reborn. When you are reborn, you can have a new life.

Also, Brzee will be like a watchdog to keep wrong projects away from your mind. It will spontaneously spring the right thoughts. The right thoughts will show up, the right projects, because of the power of Brzee.

The Primary Goal of Shreem Brzee

“The primary goal of Shreem Brzee is not just bringing you material wealth, but the greater wealth of consciousness, of understanding of knowledge, of seeing beyond matter. The material wealth will be a byproduct. You will get what I call a 200% life: 100% material and 100% spiritual.

God Bless,”

Dr. Pillai

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