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Secrets of Sound

Sound and intelligence are synonyms. The sound frequencies or mantras have no beginning or end. They are as old as space and the universe. Many ancient cultures discovered that the mind is made up of subtle energies, in the form of sound frequencies. Ninety percent of our mind is occupied by language-based activity. The mind has a sound pattern; the unconscious has a sound pattern.


This concept of the mind as sound has led Dr. Pillai to develop a science called Mind-Sound Technology. This technology employs the use of powerful phonemes (sound frequencies) to enhance intelligence. Different sound frequencies create different kinds of intelligence.

These sound frequencies, also known as mantras, are a part of the space energy (space energy is one of the five elements, the others being earth, water, fire and air). These sounds/mantras were discovered by yogis in deep states of trance, while meditating on space energy.

When the yogis talk about sounds, it is not the spoken sound they are referring to. Spoken sounds are the gross form of sounds that emerge from the un-manifest levels. The evolution of speech is as follows: first, there is a thought sound (thought also has a sound) called nada and paranada. The thought sounds become speech sounds.

In order to make significant changes in your life, all you need to do is to rearrange the sound patterns of your own consciousness. This is what mantras do. Mantras are sounds of the unconscious.

While you are meditating on the mantra, it takes you very deep into layers of the unconscious. That’s why people who use mantras get dramatic results. By using the mantra, you can go into deeper levels and rearrange the sound atoms of your own consciousness.

The mantras have been part of the Biblical tradition as well. The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.” God created everything through his Word. The Word of God is the mantra. Jesus speaks about the power of mantras on two occasions.


No doubt the mantras are tiny, often consisting of only one or two syllables. But, is it not true that the atoms, tiny as they are, carry enormous power? The mantras are called Bijas in Sanskrit which means seeds. These can be compared to DNA; each DNA is a miniature of a particular person. With the help of DNA you can identify a person, and perhaps in the future, even clone the individual. Mantras are energy DNA’s. You implant them in your mind and then you manifest the energy.

Mantras are universal, although they were originally discovered by the yogis of India and have long been part of the Hindu tradition. The practice of a mantra does not convert one to Hinduism or interfere with your own form of spirituality.

The Pillai Center for MindScience offers you mantras/sound frequencies to meet your different needs: