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Vedic astrology considers Venus the ultimate planet for material happiness. And now from Aries until April 19, Venus receives dynamic, energetic qualities from Mars. This means that you can now tap into powerful, available energy to make positive changes to your physical appearance, relationship and finances.

So to acquire a more beautiful body, inject youthful energy into your love and social life, and take positive action to access more material comforts and wealth, here for you—three time-tested ways to connect with the planet of happiness and creativity.

Buff is beautiful

Mars is competitive. Venus is loving. Mars takes action. Venus holds back to allow the other person to catch up, so they can both enjoy their time together. Mars is passionate. Venus is refined.

So how do you bridge these differences and harness the best attributes of these planets?

The best way, according to Vedic astrology, is to honor both planets and enjoy what they offer.

Mars helps you win over lethargy, prompting you to head for the gym or outdoors to run your way to body tone.

Venus, the main planet of beauty, will help you refresh your complexion and beautify your routine to look amazing and get stronger, too.

Relationship makeover

Even the best relationship can turn stagnant unless we make an effort, especially when both partners work long hours, and special moments together are scarce to nil.

In the Vedic tradition, Aries is the sign of youthful impetus, forever seeking new adventures and experiences.

This is why Venus in Aries can nudge you to join your partner on a journey and explore lovely, new landscapes together.

Try this before April 19

  • Sign up for a yoga trip together.
  • Take a mini vacation with your partner to learn climbing.
  • Go to the gym together.
  • Buy some beautiful athletic outfits.
  • Ditch your old sneakers and get a new, attractive pair.
  • A mantra is a Vedic sound technology to change the brain. Recite 108 times OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA to attract more happiness and acquire more charm.

Receive grace and wealth from Shreem Brzee

Venus will be crossing its own birth star or nakshatra—Bharani—a constellation that can help augment the wealth-producing sounds Shreem Brzee, making them more powerful and effective.

Venus will be in Bharani between April 6 and April 16, providing you with a ten-day window to chant Shreem Brzee and speed your wealth manifestations.

Dr. Pillai has revealed that Goddess Lakshmi—long considered a mere archetype of luxury and gold—is actually a Goddess who bestows on you a 200 percent life; a life that is both successful and abundant, and one that leads you to spiritual enlightenment.

The sound Shreem is pure life energy. Brzee is used as a karma buster to rewrite your financial destiny and access higher levels of abundance.

Chanting the yogic sounds Shreem Brzee during this April power time dedicated to the Goddess can literally change your brain for the better.

There is scientific evidence that yogic sounds can improve brain performance.

In fact, Dr. Pillai has participated in Harvard research proving that his phonemes activate key areas of the brain connected with higher intelligence. Also, researchers at Brain Science International in San Francisco, USA, have found more evidence of the effectiveness of Dr. Pillai’s power sounds.

From a Vedic standpoint, traditional ceremonies to honor Lakshmi and Venus, and sponsoring a wealth Fire Lab (or fire ritual) are most powerful steps to eliminate poverty, and receive material happiness—whether it’s the house, car, jewelry or the beautiful environment of your dreams.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at www.AstroVed.com


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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