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Dr. Pillai: “Today is my birthstar birthday. I was born in the star called Purvabhadrapada. It is a star that is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is a benign planet. Jupiter gives you wisdom. That is why I became a teacher. Somebody becomes a movie star because that person was born on that particular star.

I am going to talk to you about how you can use astrology

Venus as opposed to Saturn opposed to Mars. Why are modern Gurus not supporting Astrology? Particularly, Gurus from India who follow the materialistic, rationalistic model. The answer is very simple, they are Gurus who are following rationalistic and practical paradigms. 

I am not worried about them because they are not well-read about Astrology. If you look at the approval from bodies like the Supreme Court or the University Grants Commission, they all have approved that astrology has the credibility to become a discipline worthy of studying even at the university level. The Parliament of India also has approved the study of Astrology. Why worry about people who do not know anything about Astrology at a deeper level? To follow them is very dangerous. 

Astrology is a super-science 

It will be proved when people begin to take quantum physics, the study of time, space, and the universe, seriously. Astrology, particularly Vedic Astrology, even other astrology of different traditions, deal with science beyond our material sciences. 

All these things are light particles, light energy with a specific content, and that content they can dump on you. It is going to be a practical session when I do that, that is at least what I want to do now while I am saying that I am going to do, but I can assure you that I will do something better, as I have already said that I do not stick  to old knowledge. That is the reason why I keep telling people I am going to stop teaching, but I am never stopping it because I just do not want people to be lost in old knowledge.

The message for today, because it has happened to be my birthstar birthday, is that the world is going to change dramatically and drastically very soon. You will see that also happening in 2023 so that the old pattern of spending our time from morning till we go to sleep, thinking about mundane, insignificant things, how to make more money or how I cannot even pay my bills and how I am stuck with this disease – all these things have to go.

My own prayer and commitment in this lifetime is to end suffering of the human race 

I see the contradictions that I saw in California. Seven people died because there was a shooting in some place, and that was the news I was reading. Then on the other side we saw that countries have to send their tanks to kill people in the war. Whether the Russians or Ukrainians die, they will die in large numbers. 

What is this? One time we condemn the death of seven people, another time, we are killing. Why can’t we all join together and then pray just to not continue this foolish mind, body, and goals, foolishly showing off to other people, but to merge with God.”

Birthday Rameshwaram Astral Travel & Virtual Darshan (Transmission of Energy)

Take a Spiritual Journey to the 22 Sin-and Karma-Dissolving Wells of Dr. Pillai’s birthplace.

Dr. Pillai has said that if he has one Siddhi (supernormal power), it is to change the destiny of people. He says that he acquired this power through his time spent at his birthplace, the island of Rameshwaram. He teaches that Rameshwaram is the Premier Karma-Dissolving Vortex of the world, with the sea of Rama and 22 wells with special properties to dissolve at least 22 different kinds of negative karmas. 

Master Teacher Mohini guides a journey for your soul to travel to Rameshwaram and wash away your karma and sins of previous births in the holy, sin-dissolving waters. Receive video darshan of the sacred vortex of Rameshwaram and be transported to its Divine realm. 

  • Identify and specific karmas you want to release from your soul
  • Immerse into the sea of Rama and merge with his victorious and noble winner’s consciousness 
  • Perform Tarpanam for your ancestors and liberate them to higher realms
  • Experience rebirth as your karma, or sins, are washed away Meditate and deeply connect with the Great Siddha Master Patanjali

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Special Special Message on His Birthstar Birthday

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