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Dr. Pillai: “I remember as a boy I used to go to the temple [in Rameshwaram] every single day. 

My greatest attraction in the temple was not the main deity, but a beautiful shrine of Shiva Nataraj 

Also known as the dancing form of Lord Shiva, it is situated in the outer corridor of the temple. I was attracted to this spot over and over again, and I spent all my free time sitting there. I told my family that on my birthday we needed to do [a] special food offering to the dancing Shiva, a practice that went on for a while.

Even after I went to college, I came back to this shrine. But this time I had a little more understanding.

I had learned that below the statue was the tomb of Siddha Patanjali 

Siddha Patanjali is the enlightened master who is the author of the Yoga Sutras. The Siddhas do not die. Some of them walk into a small enclosure and turn into a Shiva Linga (a holy object symbolizing Shiva).”

Dr. Pillai’s 2-Day Birthday Retreat

Day 1: February 1

Avatar Aarti Pooja with Sucharita

Avatar Aarti is a special miracle practice” shared by Dr. Pillai to invoke his intervention in your life. Long-time student and teacher Sucharita will guide this ceremony to help prepare your consciousness to receive maximum blessings on Dr. Pillai’s birthday.

Birthday Rameshwaram Astral Travel & Virtual Darshan 

Master Teacher Mohini will guide your soul on a journey to Rameshwaram—birthplace of Dr. Pillai and Samadhi of the great Siddha Master Patanjali, known as the Father of Yoga. Experience the sin-dissolving waters of this powerful vortex and meditate with Siddha Patanjali at his Samadhi Shrine.

Day 2: February 4

Three Live Empowerments with Dr. Pillai 

On this day, Swami Ramalingam’s Ascension Day, Dr. Pillai will deliver three powerful live initiations in recognition of his birthday powertime and his life’s mission of alleviating the suffering of humankind.

As an incarnation of Swami Ramalingam, Dr. Pillai has the ability to channel his sacred energy and consciousness and transmit this gift to you to support your journey to spiritual enlightenment.

How to Channel Karuppaswamy & Miracle Prayers

With the Grace of the Guru on his birthday, experience a fresh anointing and invoke miracles of the Holy Spirit, the supreme power of God. Mohini will lead an interactive Miracle Prayer Session with an ultimate form of the Holy Spirit, the merged form of Jesus and Karuppaswamy, who can miraculously solve life problems and bring manifestations.

Kalkidas (Sunny) will then guide you through a process to channel Karuppasamy’s energy, allowing you to embody his intelligence and power. By channeling his energy, you can develop a personal relationship with him, allowing his blessings, protection, and miracles to flow in your life.

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