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My Incarnations

Dr. Pillai: “It is very interesting to dwell upon the process of the human becoming the Divine. Within the Hindu-Buddhist tradition, the difference between the human and Divine is a matter of consciousness. The average human is limited. The human is stuck in the material body and in an ignorant mind, whereas the Divine has no material existence and has a divine mind. The Divine is also infinitely intelligent.

Man’s destiny is to become, ultimately, enlightened

What this means is that the human is becoming the Divine. To use the terminology of physics, it is matter becoming energy. The Judeo-Christian tradition also has some reference to the relationship between the human and the Divine. The Bible says that God created man in his own image. This means that God has an image, and it looks like the image of a human being.

All traditions speak about angels and other Divine beings 

Mythology has it that these Divine beings have no physical body, although they have a form made up of light. They appear and disappear by their choice and by their power make themselves known to certain human beings.

The transition from a material body to an immaterial body is a fascinating experience 

Over the past two years, I have had many revelations about the evolution of my soul. Ancient palm leaves in India that are in possession of some individuals unveiled my previous incarnations on this Earth plane. Evidently, I have had thousands of incarnations, if not more. The palm leaves revealed a few of them: Bhishma, Agastiya, Bhrigu, Manikavacakar, and Swami Ramalingam.”

Dr. Pillai’s 2-Day Birthday Retreat

Day 1: February 1

Avatar Aarti Pooja with Sucharita

Long-time student and teacher Sucharita will guide this ceremony to help prepare your consciousness to receive maximum blessings on Dr. Pillai’s birthday. Poojas are sacred offerings performed to invoke the blessings of a Divine being. Avatar Aarti is a special “miracle practice” shared by Dr. Pillai to invoke his intervention to solve problems in your life.

Birthday Rameshwaram Astral Travel & Virtual Darshan

Master Teacher Mohini will guide your soul on a journey to Rameshwaram—Dr. Pillai’s birthplace—to experience the sin-dissolving waters of this powerful vortex. Dr. Pillai teaches that Rameshwaram is the Premier Karma-Dissolving Vortex of the world, with the sea of Rama and 22 wells with special properties to dissolve at least 22 different kinds of negative karmas.

Day 2: February 4

Live Siddhi Powers Empowerment with Dr. Pillai

Siddhi Powers are miracle-making powers. Accessing miraculous powers within you to create your reality through your thoughts.


Live Enlightenment Initiation with Dr. Pillai

Enlightenment is supreme Intelligence. Discover how to go beyond the mind and realize your true essence as Light.


Live Karuppaswamy Initiation with Dr. Pillai

Experience a connection with Karuppaswamy, the “performer God” of justice and miracles and the compassionate spirit of Jesus Christ.

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