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How to Worship Karuppaswamy

Who is Karuppaswamy?

Karuppanna Swamy, or Karuppaswamy, is a popular Hindu village deity widely worshipped by people living in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai, Tirunelveli, Ramanathapuram and Trichy districts. He is one of the 21 folk deities associated with Ayyanar and is considered as the guardian angel of the village. Karuppaswamy destroys the evil spirits and dark forces that create troubles.

As Karuppaswamy is the guardian of the village, usually his temples are found outside the villages. His statue or figurine will be standing on a raised platform mostly under a tree.

Appearance of Karuppaswamy

Karuppaswamy is also known as Karuppan, Karuppanar or Karuppannaswamy. He features large eyes and thick moustache. Karuppan statue will be holding a sword, bow and arrow, sickle or a club. He has two arms and is dark complexioned.

In some cases, Karuppanna Swamy will be standing along with the 7 virgin village goddesses (kannimaar). A hunting dog, lion, or horse stands beside him.


Different Forms of Karuppaswamy

There are different forms of Karuppaswamy. It is believed that there are 108 forms of Karuppan. Below is a list of the popular forms of Karuppaswamy.

  • Padinettam Padi Karuppan
  • Sangili Karuppan
  • Sandana Karuppan
  • Periya Karuppan
  • Vettai Karuppan
  • Ondi Karuppan
  • Chinna Karuppan
  • Mandhi Karuppan
  • Muthu Karuppan
  • Malai Karuppan
  • Masi Karuppan
  • Nondi Karuppan
  • Sappani Karuppan
  • Kottai Karuppan
  • Veera Karuppan
  • Masana Karuppan
  • Kattu Karuppan
  • Samaya Karuppan
  • Agayam Karuppan
  • Ellai Karuppan
  • Soolai Karuppan
  • Sonai Karuppan
  • Maya Karuppan


History of Karuppaswamy Worship

People belonging to the ancient Tamil society revered warriors and worshipped them as Gods when they passed away. The people erected formless stones Veerakkal or Nadukkal in memory those warriors. These fallen warriors or any persons who sacrificed their life for a good cause such as protection of the welfare of the society or the community were accorded a demi-god status. Karuppaswamy is also believed to be one of such warriors.

Benefits of worshipping Karuppaswamy

Karuppaswamy worship bestows the following.

  1. Protection from evil forces: Karuppanar protects his devotees from ghosts, spirits and other evil forces.
  2. Safeguards against Black Magic: enemies or competitors might turn against you due to their jealousness against you and do black magic to disturb your progress. Karuppaswamy worship shall protect you against black magic.
  3. Avoids litigation: To many villagers, Karrupanar is above court and law. Many accept wholeheartedly to the solutions pronounced by the oracle during special days.
  4. Improves health and immunity: the villagers visit the temple of Karuppaswamy when they are sick and receive the sacred ash from the priest and apply it on their foreheads and experience physical and mental relief.
  5. Cures depression and state of shock: those who are experiencing depression or a state of shock visit the Karuppaswamy temple to have the holy water sprayed on them. The spraying of holy water helps them overcome their fear and shock.

How to worship Karuppaswamy

All Hindus worship Karuppan Swamy and the priests of the temple are from different castes depending on the region a Karuppan temple is located. Each village might have a distinct Karuppan temple or a group of villages might have a common Karuppan temple in one of the villages. During the annual Karuppan festival, the villagers come together and celebrate festival and organise feasts to please Karuppaswamy.

Offerings to Karuppaswamy depends on the social and financial status of the devotee. The offerings include flowers, local fruits, lamp, bronze bells, sickles and clothes. In some villages, during the annual festival and on other important days, the devotees offer goat, rooster, and alcohol to Karuppaswamy.

Annual Festival of Karuppaswamy

The priests of the Karuppaswamy temple belong to a clan. The priest and his family play a vital role during the annual festival and celebrations. A fortnight or month before the annual festival, a person is chosen from the priest family as an oracle. On the chosen day, the oracle will enter into a state of trance and address the audience as the direct messenger of Karuppanna Swamy. Social, family, financial and other issues and disputes are amicably settled through the pronouncements of the oracle.

The annual festival is observed for three days. The villagers where the Karuppan temple is located won’t venture outside the village from the day of the festival to till its end. But people from the neighbouring villages and towns visit the village to offer prayers to Karuppanna Swamy.

Karuppaswamy Mantra

Dr. Pillai has given the Karuppaswamy mantra (Karuppan mantra) that helps you invoke Karuppan and seek his blessings.

Karuppaswamy Gayatri




Karuppan Bheeja mantra


You can buy a Shiva-Shakti mala, made from rudraksha/crystal beads, and chant the above mantra for 108 times daily. Please reach out to us for more details.

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