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Sponsor Ongoing Angali Fire Lab on New Moon Days

Goddess Angali is coming to my Brzee Temple. God is everything and there is a great technology behind the image of God. Since you cannot see God’s form, the image representation was created as a technological tool to experience and be with God all the...
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Ganesha Meditation 2019

Dr. Pillai has been divinely inspired by Ganesha to create a one-hour meditation webcast for the benefit of humanity. Dr. Pillai will be channeling in-the-moment teachings and meditation technology from Ganesha himself during his most powerful time of year.
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Guru Purnima Online Retreat

Dr. Pillai has received readings that have revealed he will be receiving a more significant amount of light in his subtle and physical bodies during this Full Moon. It will be a great blessing for anyone in attendance to witness.
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