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MindScience: The Heart Has Its Own Intelligence

mind Science

How can MindScience help enrich different areas of human life? I need to give you some definition of “mind” as it is applicable to MindScience.

In MindScience I use the word “mind” to mean not only the logical mind or intellect, although that is included in my definition of “mind” within MindScience. The “mind” in MindScience means the logical mind and also the translogical mind and also the heart.

The heart has its own intelligence. The heart has in fact the highest intelligence. The heart is also included in the definition of “mind” in MindScience.

“Heart” has also been used historically as a seat of intelligence. We hear this even in expressions like “the heart knows better” or “the heart says something; the head says something”. These sayings mean the heart also knows something, and this is true. There is intelligence in the heart center, or wisdom in the heart chakra as the yogis would call it. Another name for it is the “Sacred Heart” in the Christian tradition.

This is why I say the heart is also the mind.

MindScience opens up the logical mind, the translogical mind and the mind within the heart that is full of compassion. And all these things will open up through the practices of MindScience.

MindScience wants to move from the dimension of the gross mind thinking gross thoughts. It attempts to take you to the deepest level of consciousness, the origin of consciousness or the primordial levels of intelligence.

As you go deeper into the particle level (and that’s why I use the expression the Particle Mind), the mind becomes as powerful as the subatomic particle. You begin to function from that level.

All areas of your life begin to change. You are able to do well at school because you are using the particle mind as opposed to the molecular logical mind. At work, you are able to perform work better than other people because you are using the Particle Mind.

So the Particle Mind has application for everyone because it is primarily dealing with unlimited intelligence. A benefit of particle mind is not just intelligence only, but also unlimited energy.

This is one technique that is going to improve all areas of your life, including your health. Diseases are due to ignorant behavior of the cells.

Ignorant behavior of the cells is due to the ignorant mind. Once the mind consciousness becomes more intelligent, there is no room for diseases in the body or diseases in the mind. In general , unhappiness will be wiped out. The particle is present everywhere. It cannot be localized.

It gives you a tremendous amount of possibilities. You don’t feel that you are a victim because feeling like a victim is living a molecular mind, an ordinary consensus mind that we have been living. That will come to an end.

The Particle Mind will put you in the probability domain where you will feel that everything is possible.

It’s going to change your behavior. It’s going to change your body. It’s going to change your mind. It’s going to change everything about your life, so that there will be happiness from the beginning to the end.