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What is MindScience?

Mind Science

MindScience is a new science developed by Dr. Baskaran Pillai to study the whole range of the human mind complex that include sensory mind, intellect, sleep consciousness, dream consciousness, the subconscious, personal unconscious, collective unconscious and the mystical states of the superconscious mind.

MindScience is not simply Western psychology or parapsychology. Mindscience attempts to study the link between mind and matter at the fundamental level and draws upon principles from quantum mechanics and the wisdom traditions of ancient civilizations. In philosophical terms it is the merger of ontology and epistemology. MindSound Technology is a branch of MindScience that explores the relationship between sound and mind.

Science of Thinking and Probability Living

Thinking is everything. Dr. Pillai teaches that we become what we think. When we think a thought over and over again, and bring emotion to the thought, we manifest that thought into reality. Other than typical human thoughts, there are subtle sound frequencies and energies that we can use as a tool to re-program our thinking process to create expanded realities.

At the highest level, there is no thought at all. Infinite freedom, flexibility, opportunities and all probabilities exist in the domain of no thought. We need to learn the science of thinking so that we can harness the tremendous power of our mind for living a life of probabilities and utter positivity.

Mind Science

Quantum physics has revealed an understanding of the subtle laws of nature. Power increases as we delve deep into smaller units of matter and energy. Atoms are powerful, but more powerful than atom are particles. Finally we have vacuum state and waves as ultimate levels of power and energy. What is applicable to physical nature is true for our psychology and intelligence as well.

Our mind represented by thought forms is not a powerful mind. In other words, thinking based on logic and reason can be explained as molecular levels of intelligence. Atomic and particle levels of intelligence are superior to thoughts of logic and rationality. A quiet mind without thoughts is the quantum state of mind.

The human conceptual mind is based on thoughts that are linked to words and sentences. Dr. Pillai maintains that what weakens the minds is the sentence mind. Dr. Pilliai humorously says that everyone is “sentenced by the sentence mind”. Using sentences for communication is predominantly the way we function. We don’t know any other way of communicating other than through sentences.

Cutting-Edge Tools for Transforming our Minds and Lives

To help us explore the inner journey to the quantum state of mind, Dr. Pillai has done extensive research to develop simple and practical applications to replicate the significant results students have experienced during his 30 years of teaching. Just as the study of chemistry has theory which must be validated by individual lab work with specialized equipment, MindScience has a range of transformational tools for everyday personal practice. These tools draw from several disciplines and are engineered for the modern world.

The tools of MindScience include the following:

Daily Mind Processes:

  • Particle Mind Process – Identifying with the finest and tiniest unit of matter, such as electrons, neutrons, photons and bozons. Creates tremendous energy and power for heightened awareness and action.

  • Body Dynamics Mind Process – Visualizations on inner body dynamics such as the circulatory system, nervous system and respiratory system. Creates rejuvenation and enlivening of the cells.

  • Gamma Light Mind Process – Revolutionary infusion of Gamma light rays to deliver specific attributes of intelligence and compassion. Though gamma rays are incompatible with physical body, these rays are the primary vehicle for higher intelligence and interacting with archetypal energies. Gamma Rays give the best results to help the mind and body evolve to advanced life forms.

  • Archetypal Mind Process – Focusing on archetypes, subtle and invisible energies, that are endowed with special forms of intelligence and energizing these archetypes in our psyche.

  • Health and Beauty Mind Process – Communicating with our active DNA and accessing our inactive DNA with language and quantum sound frequencies to reprogram the body for vigorous health and ageless beauty.

  • Quantum Sound Frequencies – Many ancient cultures discovered that the mind is made up of subtle energies in the form of sound frequencies. These sound vibrations make language possible. If there is no language, we cannot think. Thinking is dependent on the mind, the mind is dependent on language, and language is dependent on sound vibration. The fundamental equation is mind = sound.

    Dr. Pillai’s concept of the mind as sound has led him to develop a science called Mind-Sound Technology. Mind-Sound Technology employs the use of powerful phonemes (sound frequencies) to enhance intelligence. Different sound frequencies create different kinds of intelligence.

  • Fire Labs – Technology from Vedic sciences based on invoking Gamma Light using the medium of fire. Fire is a powerful means of communication with Gamma Light and archetypal energies of higher intelligence. In the fire labs, we raise fire with specific herbs that produce electromagnetic fields that support wealth, health or relationship.

  • Rituals – Accessing higher intelligence requires the activation of powerful sound vibrations and archetypes in our mind. Rituals are a powerful tool of activation. Vortexes built by ancient civilizations were laboratories designed to interact with the archetypal forces, and the rituals performed there were designed to access their intelligence and energy.

  • Archetypal symbols – Scholars Carl Jung and Mircea Eliade both acknowledged that archetypes are endowed with special forms of intelligence. Jung described the gods, goddesses and angels as archetypes in the “collective unconscious”. Eliade claimed these archetypes were actual energies or entities that reside in invisible, subtle realms. Higher intelligence resides with the archetypes. These archetypes can be accessed through mind processes, quantum sound frequencies and also symbolic devices.