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Trips Testimonial

Forever Changed by India Trip 2007

I have been forever transformed from this Trip, being with the Master, the temples, the rituals, the vortices, everything. How do I even begin to put in words what took place on this spiritual journey with the Master? My beloved Mother said it best: I am happier and am now doing my prayers and meditations, and living in service as best I can. I am eternally grateful.

~ Harini

Remedy Trip Revitalizes Energy 2007

The Muruga Remedy Trip was very special: we did the remedies prescribed by our Nadi Leaves. We visited many holy temples and vortices dripping with love and healing. I had no energy at the beginning of the Trip. By the end of the Trip, I was overflowing with energy and life force.

~ Mary

Chronic Pain Relief on India Trip 2007

The best miracle is that the chronic pain in my colon was healed on the very last day of the Trip! I no longer suffer the immense pain and discomfort and my levels of energy have come back.

~ Tejasvi

Nadi Remedy Trip Leads to New Found Joy, India 2007

I took the opportunity to travel with Dr. Pillai to India on one of the Nadi Trips. This Trip was the most instrumental in helping dissolve so much of the negative karma in my life. Things began to change for the better. I began to attract better situations to myself. My finances improved, my career became more enjoyable, and yes, I met the person of my dreams.

~ Eddie

A Money Miracle Brought Me to India 2007

I wanted to go on an India Trip, but I didn’t think I had enough money. I asked the astrologer, and he said that he did not see me traveling for the rest of the year. I thought it would just have to wait. The miracle is that ample money was there every step of the way. Miraculously, I went on the Muruga Trip. Dr. Pillai says “going on an India trip is not a picnic.” It was, however, miraculous, mysterious, powerful, and beyond words. I went through some painful karma, felt Divine bliss, had my ego puff up, got my ego deflated…sometimes all within the same hour.

~ Anonymous

Physical Healing on India Trip 2008

My prayer had been answered, I arrived in India. There were so many miracles in itself happening for me once I landed in India. I was overwhelmed with love and blessings from Dr. Pillai. I asked Dr. Pillai for physical healing of my injuries while in India. I immediately started feeling better. I have been blessed with meeting so many people who help me.

~ Lisa

Daily Miracles in the British Virgin Islands 2009

My first trip with Dr. Pillai was like ‘Heaven on Earth’. Every day was filled with joy. The information that was imparted was the most Amazing Gift. I have had many group experiences, but not one can compare to this one! Every day was a miracle. I felt very loved and cared for.

~ Guru Priya

A New Commitment to Dr. Pillai’s Teachings, British Virgin Islands 2009

A week of Dr. Pillai’s teachings is a priceless blessing, it was literally the best experience I’ve had so far. I’ve benefited tremendously from people who attended the seminar, by sharing experiences…By meeting Dr. Pillai in person for the first time, my commitment for his teachings has deepened even more and I feel his presence in my life has intensified.

~ Umesh

Darshan was the Ultimate, British Virgin Islands 2009

The experience was just the ultimate! It was way more than anticipated both in content and interaction with our Dr. Pillai. ‘Darshan’ with him is always worth more than any words can express. I am still reeling with ecstasy. The setting was perfect!

~ Bilva

A Gift to Myself, British Virgin Islands 2009

When Dr. Pillai announced this, I knew I would be there! And I knew I was making a priceless investment in my future! This was the most important thing I ever did for myself in my entire life! I would say to anyone thinking about going on these Trips – Run! Go! Dr. Pillai gave more gifts on this Trip than he ever did, including my new name ‘Namasivaya’.

~ Jeff Namasivaya