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In our hurried lives we often push compassion back as an afterthought. We know fully well we’re supposed to feel it and exercise it, but sometimes we simply block it in a flurry of news, tasks, schedules and confused emotions.

Dr. Pillai’s explanation of compassion, or the higher states it can bring you, involves the life of an extraordinary individual and Tamil Saint, Swami Ramalingam.

“Swami Ramalingam—one of the greatest humanitarians that ever lived—is descending. No one else felt as much love towards the human race.

“Not only was he compassionate toward human beings and animals, but even towards plants.

“When plants were dying without water, he just wept for the pain experienced by the plants. That was the level of his compassion.

Compassion Can End Suffering

“He had a great vision about how things could be set right in this world just through love and compassion.

“Compassion is the only way we can end suffering: not only human suffering, but also suffering within the animal and plant kingdoms, and more.

The Evolution of the Human Body Middle-COMPASSION-Blog

“Ramalingam’s philosophy is not just humanitarianism, but it’s deeply rooted in the biological evolution of the human race.

“He was deeply convinced that as long as human beings’ main concern is with the physical body, suffering cannot come to an end.

“He also invented many methods to transform the body into light. I used to compare him with Einstein.

Swami Ramalingam’s Techniques for the Light Body

“Einstein said that matter is both light and energy and defined matter as ‘light stopped’.

“Similarly, Swami Ramalingam believed that the body made of flesh and blood is light stopped.

“We are fundamentally light.

“So if we can go back to our light state, the body will cease to be flesh and blood and will become a light body.

“His meditations centered on light modalities for transforming flesh and blood into a light body.

“He then demonstrated the process during his lifetime by transforming his own body—his physical body—into light.

“He left behind incredible meditations and techniques for transforming the body into light.

“I will explain more about these techniques in upcoming my webcast on January 23, on Ramalingam’s ascension day, Thai Poosam.

I will talk at length about a few of his methods, including compassion and its extraordinary role in the transformation of the body into light. God Bless.

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