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How Angel Narasimha, the Half-Lion Form of Vishnu Can Solve Very Difficult Problems

Narasimha can help solve problems which seem impossible to resolve. He is a mythological incarnation of the God Vishnu and is portrayed as half man, half lion. His physical appearance repulsive, but in this form, Vishnu represents the inner and outer ugliness of mankind.  He is naturally a handsome God, but he assumed this grotesque form to help humanity.

The Creation of the Lion-Headed God

In mythology, Hiranyakashipu was a demon who terrorized and ruined lives. He ordered people to worship him and him only. Terrified and unsure what to do, the sages and Gods asked Vishnu for help. The demon had a son who was a devout worshipper of Lord Vishnu. This made Hiranyakashipu very angry. In retaliation he turned upon his own child. During the attack, Narasimha emerged from behind a pillar to save his devotee and killed the demon.

The Archetype for Cleansing Negativity

The story demonstrates how Narasimha can relate to those who are stuck in a negative environment either from the outer or inner world, people who are vulnerable to the malicious thoughts and actions of others and also from their own self-sabotaging inner dialogue.

Narasimha has the power to cleanse negative energy and leave an inner feeling of peace, love, and grace. He also provides protection from further negative attacks. He is the fiercest and most intense of all Vishnu incarnations. With his lion head, he embodies energy that can ruthlessly destroy enemies.

Use this chant whenever you have a problem that is difficult to solve:

Ugram, Veeram, Maha Vishnum

(OO-grahm, VEE-rahm, MAH-hah VISH-noom)

Jwalantham, Sarvatho Mukham,

(JWAH-lahn-thahm, SAHR-vah-toe MOOK-hahm)

Narasimham Bheeshanam Badhram

(nah-rah-SIM-hahm BEE-shah-nahm BAHD-hrahm)

Mrutyor Mrityum Namamy Aham

(MROOT-yor MRIT-yum nah-MAH-mee AH-hahm)

Narasimha’s energy is readily available. Learn how to reach out and connect with it.

– Dr. Pillai


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