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Dr. Pillai: “Muruga is the God who rules the Planet Mars. And astronomically speaking, Muruga is associated with the Pleiades. He is a Pleiadian God. The Pleiadians are much more evolved than human beings, and they have a commitment for the Earth plane, to evolve the people inhabiting it.

Vishaka and Krittika: Birthstars of Muruga 

The Vishaka Star is the Birthday, the Birthstar Day of Muruga. It is the Star, along with the other Star called Krittika, the Alcyone Star, associated with Muruga. Vishaka is the Star in which he was not born, but is very sacred to him. But Krittika is often associated as the Birthstar of Muruga.

But in any way, you have Muruga to be born in you, or he will be born in you on these 2 Stars. In that respect, Muruga’s Vishaka, and Krittika, are the Birthstars. You can birth Muruga in you. What does it mean to birth Muruga in you? I am going to give you a scientific understanding about the form of Muruga.

He came out of Shiva’s third eye, which is the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland can take you to a different dimension of understanding. The third eye can see what the other 2 naked eyes cannot see. And the third eye is the “Eye of Wisdom,” which gives you Omniscience. You can know everything if the third eye is open.

Muruga Can Change Your Time Perception

When the mythology of Muruga’s birth says that he was born out of Shiva’s third eye, what it means is that Muruga is associated with the highest intelligence. He can change dimensions and your time perception. If your time perception changes, then you can do anything that you want to do, because time now is frozen in your understanding. For instance, you can get paid only at the end of the month. It is a frozen concept of time. But if you want to have a different understanding of time, a fast time, or even “The Now,” then your concept of time has to change. 

The 6 Heads of Muruga: What They Represent

The 6 heads of Muruga represent 6 parts of the brain. The 6th head is the most important head, and it is the Pineal Gland, the third eye. All of the other 5 heads belong to Shiva, representing the 6 parts of the brain, which is the parietal lobe, the right brain, the left brain, the frontal lobe, and the occipital lobe. They are all associated with different functionalities and competencies. 

How To Connect With Muruga 

He is present on all Tuesdays during Mars Horas, and that is the time that you do not want to miss. You want to be alert and then focus your attention on the third eye, and know more about the qualities of Muruga, and what he can do  for us. 

Then there is the color red, so if you have a stone like a coral, you can access the God more powerfully, because if even the silicon that we use in computers can do wonders in computing and storing data, then precious stones can do even more. All of these things will be revealed as we progress towards the “Golden Age.” A coral stone represents Muruga. The 6 heads, the third eye , and the red color are all very important, and you can use them, and instantaneously connect with him if you know the methodology.

 Vishaka is a Star associated with two Divine Beings: Agni, which is the Fire God, and Indra, which is the God of Heaven. This Star is loaded with power. And Vishaka is also called Radha, the consort of Krishna. It is the Star for love, relationship, luxury. You have to remember these things because on this day you can gain all of these powers. 

The Story of Arunagiri the Saint & The “Summa Ira Sollara” Mantra

 Muruga himself has revealed certain secrets of what he can do through people whom he chose, and one was Arunagiri. I want you to look at this particular Saint, and how he, Muruga, helped him to acquire Siddhi Powers. Siddhi Powers are powers that enable you to do miracles. Just in a few seconds, he gave him this power. What did he do? 

Arunagiri was fed up with his life and wanted to commit suicide. He climbed up the Temple Tower in Arunachala and jumped off. Muruga assumed the form of an old man, and then held him in his hand, put him down, and gave him a mantra called: “Summa Ira Sollara” – Be quiet, or be still without words.

In my personal experience, I have given these sounds to a few people. “Summa Ira Sollara.

 “Summ Ma,” has phonemes that can give you the sum total of intelligence beyond words and meaning. Words and meaning are only at a very superficial level, and when you go beyond words, “Sollara” is without words. “Summa Ira Sollara” means to be in that condition. When you are in that condition, the mind disappears. 

It is the mind that creates all of the problems and misunderstandings. We have created our science through the mind. That is why our science is very limited. 

If You Want Instantaneous Resolution, Then Go To The Domain Of Gods

 If you want instantaneous resolution of problems and miracles, then you have to go to the domain of the Gods because they have the secrets. They can give these secrets to you and make your life easy because they live in a very subtle field. 

When Muruga gave this mantra to Arunagiri, Arunagiri was in a different state of consciousness. He was able to perform miracles himself because he got into that state of no mind with no thought. When there was no mind, no thought, who was he? He was God, without time. 

Mind will create time and ignorance, along with limited understanding, but when there is no mind and no thought, what remains is complete silence, void, Quantum Ground State. And in that Ground State, you are everything. And who can give you that? Muruga. When can he give you that? 

His birthday is the day that he is available. He has earmarked this day for you to come and understand him, and benefit from his intelligence.” 

Gain Muruga’s Birthday Blessings

On June 12, the Moon will be in the star Vishaka. The star Vishaka relates to ‘Vyapana Shakti,’ meaning the power to manifest what you seek. This planetary position makes the day powerful to worship Muruga, and seek his blessings to overcome your negative emotions, win over enemies, and manifest your dreams.

To help you harness the tremendous energy of Muruga and receive his birthday powertime blessings, Pillai Center will be performing powerful ceremonies as prescribed in sacred texts.

Sign up to participate in rituals to celebrate Vaikasi Visakam (Muruga’s birthday) with us!

You are also encouraged to enroll in Pillai Center Academy’s Muruga Immersion Program to receive 6 Kinds of Initiations to realize Your Divine power.




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