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Dr. Pillai: Life is karma. What is karma? It is experiences, things that happen to you in your life, the thoughts that you are thinking, your actions, all of these are karma. Where did they come from? You planted these seeds in another lifetime. You decided what you are going to go through, and that is happening now. 

Karma is ‘The Law of Causality.’ You do something and then it creates a set of reactions. To make it simple, you did some good things, and these good things create certain reactions resulting in reward. You come back to the next lifetime to collect that good reward. But if you do something bad, then you come back to go through the pain of your bad actions. If anyone realizes that all of [their] actions produce reactions, good or bad, then he will refrain from doing bad actions because bad actions are going to give you bad results, pain, suffering, diseases, etc., if not now, in the next lifetime.

Understanding Karma Is Very Crucial For Human Evolution

Unfortunately, we do think that karma is a philosophical concept, and then ask: ‘Where is the proof that there is an afterlife?’ It is short-sightedness. But soon there will be proof from science. Science is evolving. Science will be able to prove the continuation of life even after someone dies. What dies is not the soul, but only the body. It’s the soul that carries the karmic impressions, and these karmic impressions create another body so that you will have to pay for those good or bad karmas, and then learn from that. It is this way or a means through which the soul learns and evolves.

You Can Conquer Your Karma

Everybody is born with Karma. But that does not mean it cannot be conquered. You can conquer it. Both Karma and astrology go together, underlying that Karma and astrology are time. Karma is time. Astrology is time. Karma is carried through your planets. You can just look at a horoscope of a person. The Kundali chart shows your Karma. Why is it that somebody is born rich and somebody is born poor? There is no other answer except through the theory of Karma. There is no way you can understand the inequality.

I am going to give you not only an understanding of Karma, but also how you can modify it. You cannot 100 percent modify it. If you want to do that you can, but you will have to renounce your life and totally focus your attention on your consciousness. 

If you have developed the royal consciousness, you will be a king or a queen and once that is there, then that will be realized. Unfortunately, most people have chosen a very bad reality. How can you identify that reality? You can identify that reality by looking at your thought process. If bad thoughts are removed from your brain, and you plant positive thoughts, Karma will be changed. It is as simple as this. 

Everybody has anywhere between 35 to 50 thoughts, depending upon how stressed that person is. Do we need [all of] those many thoughts? No. There is a bug in the brain. It is bad engineering. Biologically we have been built that way. We have to change our whole DNA so that we don’t create a bad reality. Who would want a bad reality? Nobody would want that. But unfortunately, that is what it is. 

You have to know where your Karmic thoughts or all thoughts for that matter originate. It is in the throat.

It Is Changeable

Everything is predetermined when you come into this world. But if you do not like this reality, you have to change the reality, and if you don’t change the reality, then Karma will go and take its own course. The Buddha used to talk about the karmic wheel; you can stop the wheel of time, the chakra of time. You can challenge your karma and recreate it.

We are not living the life that we are supposed to live. We are lost in our own Karma as if it is not changeable. Karma is changeable. All that you have to know is just remember that every day when you wake up, I am done with yesterday. Today I want to have a miraculous day and how is it going to come? By just Divine Grace.”


Cleanse Your Karma With Rare Rituals

Dr. Pillai has revealed that the second chakra in the human-spiritual body, referred to as the Svadhisthana chakra, holds your worst karma and special rituals for Muruga at the great powerspot of Thiruchendur can remove those that reside in this chakra. 

Participate in Pillai Center’s Muruga deep-cleansing program of yearlong rituals to connect with Muruga on a weekly basis during his Powertimes. Invoke the divine blessings of lord Muruga to destroy your worst karma and negativities.

You can also download free Muruga mantra and meditation audios from Dr. Pillai to invoke the power of Muruga’s Vel to erase bad karma from your body, mind, and soul.





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