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Astrology is a celestial science that belongs to the material world. It enables us to understand and flow with the natural energy rhythms in the world at large, and in our personal lives. Vedic astrology gives us the added benefit of performing remedies so that we can lessen or neutralize negative energy cycles and their effects on all aspects of our lives. There are many branches of astrology, which are designed to give us different levels of information from which to better understand ourselves and shape our destiny.

Nadi Astrology:

Naadi Astrology Explore one of the most mystical and profound branches of Vedic astrology. Discover advice that long ago you agreed to receive during this lifetime from ancient saints blessed with the ability to see into the past, present and future. Use this information to remove the greatest obstacles to your current progress and allow the destined blessings of this lifetime to become a reality.

Vedic Astrology:

Vedic Astrology Also known as Jyotish or Indian Astrology. Learn how your desires and actions from previous lifetimes are impacting you now through Dr. Pillai’s Vedic astrology website Astroved.com. Understand where your greatest talents and opportunities lie. Identify the best times to begin activities and the times to best avoid them. Discover where you are experiencing obstacles and what remedies you can apply to dissolve them.

Fire Labs:

Fire Lab Also known as fire rituals. Properly conducted fire labs are a proven technology since Vedic times to quickly bring the benefits of Archetypal Beings into daily life. Fire Labs in our Store are performed according to Dr. Pillai’s strict standards.


Powerful Rituals A simple and powerful technique to invoke the positive energies of Archetypal Beings. Rituals in our Store are performed according to Dr. Pillai’s strict standards.