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Daily Karma Removal Testimonial

Stepping Into a New Destiny

“Dr. Pillai provides extraordinary tools to reshape our destiny. Most of the work is done through powerful rituals that actually remove deep karma that cause human suffering.

Even though our own actions created the karma, through these incredible, powerful, secret practices, the slate can be wiped clean and a new personal destiny is then possible.”

~ Gayathri

DKRP Opens New Doors

“I was able to buy a lovely little house in a good neighborhood. It was a miracle because I had only been able to live in tiny rented apartments for the last 10 years.”

~ B.L.

A Return of Health and Wealth

“Within a few months of participating in DKRP, my health reversed from illness to complete wellness. My financial picture quickly switched to experiencing abundance while enormous debts and legalities were resolved. There were solutions at every turn which can’t be explained through normal means.”

~ Markendaya

New Found Purpose

“After having participated in DKRP, I have experienced dramatic increases in my results, with far less struggle and effort. Overall, I feel totally in alignment with my own higher self and purpose.”

~ Venkatesh

The Complete Package

“Every aspect of my life has been blessed with changes; from receiving and enjoying the purest love at the deepest level to lessening overwhelming financial debts to finding myself in a positive work environment. I know that without DKRP – without the remedies that have been done on my behalf, such a life would not exist.”

~ Anonymous

Blessings Beyond Belief

“Since joining DKRP, I have been able to leave the 9-5 work world and now earn my money in ways that are far more satisfying to me than contracting in IT; I got married; I lost over 60 pounds and I have been blessed to attend numerous spiritual functions.”

~ Valli

I Can Handle Anything!

“Now I feel an inner strength to effectively deal with almost any situation life brings my way with wisdom and, oftentimes, with more humor rather that despair.”

~ J.B.