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Mt.Shasta Testimonial


Memories of the Mt. Shasta Retreat flood my mind. It was truly, truly transformational.

I treasure my experience at the Pyramid in Mt. Shasta with Dr. Pillai. I felt so completely content, at peace, and radiant the entire time.

It was an honor to have his physical presence and soul energy so available to heal and bless us, as we sat with our heads toward him in the Pyramid. I carry the Pyramid in my heart and I go there again and again.

I loved the noises that Dr. Pillai made. They felt so familiar to me as a medium. And I especially loved the sound that was like a little rat; it was so electrifying to my upper chakras! It got my attention.

It seemed to startle the energy, so I OPENED to receive even higher vibrations of light. And that was such a blessing! The high sounds were entering my crown chakra with such power!

That was so amazing. And his demonstrating an intimate relationship with the spiritual world – the close companionship with the angels and the spirits who came to heal and bless us.

I work telepathically with spiritual guides. It just was my joy to be a part of that experience – at his level of mastery – teaching and showing me how I can develop and proceed. I felt it was such an honor to be with Dr. Pillai in the Pyramid.

Thank you for the sweet reminder to be gentle with ourselves as we integrate…I can’t tell you how transformational was the experience of being in the Pyramid and the joy of being in that high vibration and the honor of being blessed by the great deity Mt. Shasta.

It was a fulfillment and a joy of a lifetime. Thank you so much dear beloved Dr. Pillai.

The practice of rubbing the three points on my head, visualizing the colored light, and chanting Om NaMaShiVaYa is a daily ritual for me.

I always feel the initiation power connect – the activation of those centers – and connection with the Source. I look forward to ongoing study and practice with our precious Dr. Pillai.



I can still remember the first moment that I saw Mt. Shasta – I was driving through the rolling foothills covered by dense evergreen forest and then, all of a sudden, it appeared. This grand, snow-capped peak towered above the surrounding landscape. I was awe-struck by the beauty of the mountain, but even more so by its majestic energy. I knew right away that this was a sacred place.

I had always heard the Mt. Shasta was an energy vortex where ascended masters, angels, and other divine beings lived, but it wasn’t until I was actually there, in the presence of the mountain, that I understood the significance of this energy.

I could feel these divine beings vibrating in everything around me. The air, the land, the streams, and the rays of sunlight all seemed to pulsate with this vibrant, life-giving energy.

The culmination of my experience at Mt. Shasta was the meditation with Dr. Pillai inside the Pyramid. During the meditation I could literally feel the inside of the mountain and I could sense the presence of Divine beings who were upholding the consciousness of the light. I knew that being in Dr. Pillai’s presence was amplifying this energy enormously.

This Pyramid was built under the divine guidance of Archangel Metatron and the Goddess Isis. I had previously had personal experiences with Metatron and Isis at different times on my spiritual journey and I was amazed that these aspects of my life had all come together in Mt. Shasta. For me, it was a true sign of the Divine.

The greatest gift of this experience is that it is still alive within me. I feel connected to this mountain, to Dr. Pillai, and to all the divine beings that are assisting us on the path of light.



The Mt Shasta Retreat with Dr. Pillai happened during Jyeshta, which is my birth star. So, I was able to connect with my power on a deeper level. I could sense divine beings helping me to clear away negativity in my consciousness. In the Pyramid, Dr. Pillai’s sounds were unlike anything that I have heard before – extremely healing.

Listening to Dr. Pillai speak during the seminars gave me so much insight on what happened in the Pyramid. It was great to hear other members of the group share their experiences. The energy of the group was upbeat.

Sharing my spiritual goals with Dr. Pillai was wonderful. I could sense peace when I looked into his eyes. He listened so intently, said a few words and gave me his blessings.

The Mt. Shasta Retreat has given me much more self-confidence when speaking about spirituality. Others have noticed that I smile more and talk in a consistently positive manner.

I have been in many of Dr. Pillai’s programs. They have all been helpful. Being in his presence and sensing the healing of his hands in the Pyramid has done wonders.



I used to have pain in my heart before the Mt. Shasta Retreat, which changed after the Retreat. Great experience, I feel happier and alive. During some of the sessions, I really felt changes, strong connection, and love.



I attended the Mr. Shasta Retreat. The experience was great and I enjoyed it. The meditations were relaxing and very calming.