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Programs Testimonial

Dr. Pillai’s lectures on each of the goddesses, the nine mantras and their purpose, and the meditation practices for each were astonishing, deep, clear, concise, and revelatory. It is hard to do justice in describing the power of the teachings. I just felt my eyebrows going up and up and up and up, in awe and gratitude. It felt like I was wrapped in goddess energy for the entire time.

~ Jan Bocksay

Warrior Ganesha

Well it is time to end poverty, anxiety weeping around, blaming someone etc… don’t lose time. It is right time for miracles in your life. What else can i say and tell? No Excuses! Do the course!

~ Dritan

Actually, there are several, but I think the most striking is that my acupuncturist can feel the positive change in my pulses, which means these changes truly course through my physical being. My whole system is much calmer and that means that not only do I feel better but am able to offer calm support to those around me, which is a real pleasure and a life-long desire fulfilled! Paige Fleming

~ Paige Fleming

Thank you, this is a good intro. I have adopted Dr Pillai’s sounds on a daily practice for quite a while and they bring me good feelings and a positive attitude in life. I feel i am on the right track with the Shrim Brzee, Thiru Neela Kantam, Kleem and Arul. Now I am going to add SARAVANABAVAYA. The ten principles for Evolving Living are great. Ronald

~ Ronald

This program has helped me to tap into the vast light, that is always there shining on us and through us. Through Dr. Pillai’s mantras and meditations I’ve been able to tap into higher levels of mind, and more powerful manifestations. Thank you!


Amazing and thank you for being here and sharing your wisdom. I have no words yes for expressing what is happening with me and my existence. Just loving it and climp the steps. THANK YOU.


Working with the secret sound frequencies given to me by Dr. Pillai my life has transformed in one year more than I could have ever imagined. Everything in my life from my businesses, my relationships and my spirituality has evolved and is continuing to evolve at light speed by working with these sounds. I am amazed at how powerful this technology is. I now fully understand that sounds are the building blocks of all creations.

~ Saj P

Timeline Jumping

I am enrolled in this Timeline Jumping WONDERFUL PROGRAM! CHANGE indeed!! is the key–been doing lots of that–and now look forward to it! Not the fear of unknown as before. Each day I look to it and see how if I get into habits I get STUCK! WOW! What an eye-opener.

~ Diana Daunert

There was a tremendous feeling of love, compassion and healing within, and I could/can see a lot of sparks, lights and some grey stuff from the corner of both the eyes. Each night I felt associated with that aspect of the Goddess… when the contact is established there is a feeling of floating in the air. There was a loud ringing of the right ear, felt very hot, and peace. Afterwards there was a feeling of coming into my own power and a feeling of assertiveness.

~ Shanta Mitra

A week into chanting Shreem Brzee, we manifested $15,000 bonus & 3% salary raise for my husband… So, so thankful.

~ Gitanjali Wadi