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Webcasts Testimonial

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for what you have done during this Navaratri . I coudn’t manage to follow everything 100% , but I tried to do my best effort in practicing mantras , meditations, tarpanam, watching some videos…and all these helped me so much to go through a very challenging situation in my life just right now, when I had to face my son’s some kind of mental illnes and at the same time loosing job and accommodation. There are still many things to do, but today I (respective Godesses and angels I believe)manage to get amazingly back my job and accommodation in a very supportive environment,which I can say is a real victory ! Thank you once again for your extraordinary help through your very well organized job!

~ Barbara Badusekova, Slovakia

I just sat for meditation. I just looking at Dr. Pillai’s photo & I saw a small lingam on his forehead .The photo is on the wall with smiling face. The god within us mid brain picture. First I saw like 5 years girl now like a year old little cute beautiful girl sitting in a meditation post on my maha meru chakra . I’m so worried I keep on telling her careful because maha meru chakra got sharp edge. But I forgot that she is almighty. See how silly I am. I need to change my thinking . I told my children always think good and talk good things.


I am so much happier and have a better relationship whit all of my family my daughter, and friends, and I am more creative than ever before. I have been blessed with so many miracles after I started this journey , 1- 2 years ago thanks to baba. When I see baba trough my inner soul eyes I see as angels gods and goddesses, he is so shiny and divine souls. I believe in a better future for me and humanity.

There are no words in this world for expressing the gratitude I feel to you all now. Thank baba so so much from my heart.

~ Linda Louise Oddsteen

There was a tremendous feeling of love compassion and healing within, could/can see a lot of sparks, lights and some grey stuff from the corner of both the eyes. At the time of the initiation, felt very close to Goddess. A feeling of homecoming. Right now I thought I will start all over again from the first mantra to the last, but somehow I was guided to do the 4th mantra yesterday night…right now I feel very supported and safe…there is an inability to say anything negative and negative thoughts don’t come that easily as before! On the 5th night and after there was a storm here…felt very close to Goddess Kali.

Each night felt associated with that aspect of the Goddess…when the contact is established there is a feeling of floating in the air. There was a loud ringing of the right ear, felt very hot and peace. Have decided to continue each night or day whenever possible, feel at peace and undisturbed. There was a feeling of deep depression but it left soon. There is a coming to your own power and a feeling assertiveness now which was lacking, the need to not put up with unjust people…or people who are harmful.

~ Shanta Misra

Thank you for the beautiful 9 days of the goddess program, I took time off work that week just so that I could participate live in Babas teachings as well as the fire labs. My sincere gratitude. One of the experiences I had during this time, was to be able to let go of a particularly challenging situation I was experiencing at the time with a particularly challenging individual and filling that space with love for the goddess which helped me heal, and another was the birth of an idea to launch a joint business venture with a friend which came about quite unexpectedly, which I would like to think as being the work of the goddess.

~ Anjalika

As always, the sheer presence of Baba in front of me has immeasurable value. His teachings, to me feel like I have discovered the secret to all things of the light. Baba gave me the connection to the Goddess each of the 9 nights, these will be with me forever. I really cannot put into words the immense satisfaction I’m receiving from Babas’ teachings.

~ Julia

I feel really blessed to have received these valuable treasures during such an auspicious time. It is really nice of Babaji to share this divine knowledge with us all. During the meditations I went really deep and had an intense feeling of peace and calm. My thoughts and goals keep getting clearly and so does my confidence in myself. The fact that the universe is supporting us all and providing whatever we need whenever we need gets reinforced, making me feel content and peaceful.

~ Rupessh, India

I loved the format of nine nights of webcasts with Baba, the fire labs, and the three group calls with Jai Radha – it felt like I was wrapped in goddess energy for the entire time. Baba’s lectures on each of the goddesses, the nine mantras and their purpose, and the meditation practices for each were astonishing, deep, clear, concise, and revelatory. It is hard to do justice in describing the power of the teachings. I just felt my eyebrows going up and up and up and up, in awe and gratitude.

~ Jan Bocskay

Amazing Light Body Techniques

The web broadcast on ‘Light Body’ was amazing, and overwhelming. How can I assimilate this great information and the many techniques into a solid practice that does the techniques justice?

This was my first event with Dr. Pillai. Magnificent!

~ Michael Little

Inspiring and Valuable Teachings

The webcasts are VERY valued, since it really is like being in his ‘virtual’ presence. So, I hope Dr. Pillai does continue with the webcasts because they do always give me a boost and I can feel connected to him and others doing his practices.

Many thanks to Dr. Pillai and his devoted staff for bringing these teachings to us!

~ Sharre Young

Divine Chants of Radha Krishna

I have a special miracle to share. It is amazing! Dr. Pillai introduced us to the beauty that is Radha-Krishna. Since the webcast in Niagara Falls, I cannot get the chants out of my consciousness. I think about Radha and Krishna most of the time.

These chants are so alluring to the musician in me. I dusted off my old flute and started playing it again! The chants are so deeply musical as well as spiritual.

~ Rani

Soulful Song of Radha

Thank you. It (Keys for Effortless Creation webcast) was a wonderful experience and elevated my spirits a lot. Simple mantras to follow and the Radha song is so melodious and I love the way Dr. Pillai sings it.

~ Shobha Ayyappan

Teachings that Invoke Love

Praise God, for another great teaching (over the Keys for Effortless Creation webcast). Thank you! I am soaring with great love. Amen!

~ Suzanne

Blessings of Joy and Wisdom

Just wanted to thank you for the privilege of being a part of this webcast (Keys for Effortless Creation). I felt as if I was there. And yes, I was like a sponge, trying to get everything I could from the words and meditations and chants.

I really love Dr. Pillai even more now. I got a chance to sense his whole being. That was a blessing. And I feel I have a better understanding of his teachings. Had to let you know my heart is turning flips of joy.

~ Terrence Redix

Connecting with Ganesha

First Time! (Ganesha webcast) So Beautiful! I have been in extreme pain every second of every day, due to a surgery. This pain has been for 6 and 1/2 years. Doctors have tried everything, nothing has worked.

I felt so much better even through the pain!!! Thank you Ganesha, Dr. Pillai, the Pillai Center and everyone for their prayers! I have much to learn.

~ Debra

Richness of Vishnu’s Names

The webcast on ‘Vishnu’s Gift of Wealth Consciousness’ was very good.

I felt that the thing that resonated with me the most was the priest saying the 108 names of Vishnu. I would like to write them down and say them as much as possible.

~ Morris Layton

Wonderful Experience of the Goddess

Thanks to all who contributed to the Navaratri celebrations!!! It was wonderful to be present via the webcasts; looking forward to more in the future!

~ France, Northern Alberta, Canada

Accessing the Goddess’ Grace

Receiving the background and significance of the Goddesses (over the webcast) was very good, but having a ritual presented that one could take part in was excellent!

~ Ritual Vanessa

Gift of Love and Courage by Muruga

I participated in the six Skanda Shasti webcasts, as well as in the Initiation Call to Muruga by Dr. Pillai.

Since my initiation, I have experience very favorable changes in myself – energy, faith, love, joy, and happiness, above all no fear. I have received my Vel, energized by Dr. Pillai, and I can feel a love flowing from my heart.

I have been listening everyday to the audios of days 1 to 6 of Skanda Shasti, as well as the Initiation Call.

I believe that if I am prepared for receiving this precious gift for my life, everything will be organized and I will be able to manifest my dream thanks to Dr. Pillai’s teachings, and remedies.

~ Graciela Miramontes