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Abundance Mindset: Learn How to Manifest Effortlessly


Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth has an eternal smile. She will not allow anything negative to enter her life and will only accept happiness. She is the embodiment of joy and is attracted to the best clothes and the finest jewellery. She does not compromise on anything.

Make friends With the Goddess and unwrap one of God’s best gifts

It is easy to keep your focus on her. Print out a favorite picture or have a statue of the goddess and talk to her right away. Call her by name, pray to her. You do not need to learn Hebrew, Latin or Sanskrit. God understands every language. Tell her that you need money to flow into your life every single day. Be honest.

Do Not Allow Your Insecurities to Define You

Humans harbour a lot of guilt around money. They often feel the need to justify their reasons for wanting a better lifestyle by perhaps, promising to donate a sum to the poor. it is not wrong to want money. Take for example, a five year old child. If you were to take him to a toy store, he would never feel guilty for wanting to own every single toy on the shelves.He would never try to ease his guilt by giving a portion of his toys to charity. The child would act upon pure energy—the unfaltering need to satisfy his soul’s desire.

Embrace determination and soar to unimaginable, new heights

When you attain pure energy, you do not have to work yourself up into a sweat for the things that you desire.The idea of having to work hard came from Adam and Eve. God did not want them to sweat but they found a way to do so all by themselves.

When you create an abundance mind-set,your deepest desires flow towards you easily and effortlessly just as they do in heaven, other planets and other galaxies— things just happen purely from thought.

Follow Your Bliss and Doors Will Open for You

Poverty and prosperity are ideas.Those who embrace the idea of poverty, receive poverty. Those who embrace the concept of prosperity, have poverty. That is a literal truth.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai



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