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Karma means destiny – we all have a destiny. If we were born into a wealthy family, we have a pretty good destiny. If we were born into poverty, we can still change our present karma and destiny.


Pillai Center


For the next fifteen days, we will enter a period that is very conducive to change. We can actually change the current path we are on.

Use this time to connect with your deceased ancestors. They have the ability to change your destiny.  If you are experiencing any form of bad karma, it is due to the soul you have inherited from your ancestors.

Overcome Genetic Ailments and Solve Your Life Problems

There is a simple ritual that you can carry out right now to help your deceased relatives move forward towards a better place. Offer some water, rice flour and sesame seeds in the palm of your hand and say something along the lines of “I now call upon blessings from ancestors from both my father’s and my mother’s side. Please come and take this offering.”

When they take this spiritual food they are able to move towards the divine light of God. In this realm, they can bless you, watch over you and change your destiny. Money, health and relationship issues can be addressed through this ancient technology.

Don’t miss these fifteen important days. Take them seriously. Take my word. This is the most powerful, practical teaching I have ever done.

God Bless!

Dr. Pillai



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