Dr. Pillai encourages selfless service toward others. During the month of June, there will be many opportunities to carry out charitable deeds toward those who are suffering from extreme forms of poverty. In particular, there are four important powertimes to look out for.


June 2: New Moon and Saturn’s Birthday

During this most auspicious occasion, we are encouraged to act on our moral duty toward others and grow seeds of compassion for the poorest of the poor. We can become better people on this New Moon day, which is also celebrated as Saturn’s birthday (Shani Jayanti).  Saturn (Shani) is not simply a whirling planet that radiates with dancing dust particles and gas eddies, he is a living being.

According to mythology, June 2 marks the birthday of Lord Saturn who first appeared on a New Moon day in May-June (in the Vedic month Jyeshta). On his birthday, he casts an impartial eye over every one of us, considering how we conduct our lives.

Saturn loves it when we perform acts of compassion. His birthday is the perfect time for us to display our caring side. We can use this time to perform acts of kindness toward those who have been overlooked by society. By making a donation to charities such as the Tripura Foundation (Dr. Pillai’s non-profit charitable organization) we cast a glimmer of hope in a world that can often seem a cold and heartless place. When we strengthen our bond with Lord Shani, we strengthen our own personal evolution.

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, Saturn’s presence will radiate throughout the Universe. We can chant the mantra: “Om Pram Preem Proum Sah Shanaischaraya Namah” in praise of him and ask for hunger and poverty to be removed from the world. Saturdays are also a regular Saturn powertime.

There is no better exercise for the heart than to reach down and lift people up. Dr. Pillai says that donating to charity, no matter how small, is the greatest deed that we can perform. By feeding the poor on this day we form a closer bond with Saturn and, in turn, receive his graceful blessings.


June 6: Guru Pushya

Pushya is formed from three stars in the Cancer constellation. Ancient seers noted the formation of these stars and their resemblance to a cows udder. Milk is a food source provided by cows to feed their young and also a food source for humans, thus representing nourishment, nurturing and selfless giving. Cows are often considered a unique symbol of motherhood, and as such, Pushya is considered the most nurturing of all the nakshatras.

By studying the characteristics of people born under the Pushya nakshatra we can learn to adopt similar qualities in our own lives. People born under this lunar constellation have the innate quality of selfless giving. This special day encourages us to look beyond our own pain and  see the pain of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity. Giving with a kind and gracious heart can manifest the divine within you and around you.

Dr. Pillai said: “I have a great resolve in this lifetime to see that I do everything within my reach to fulfill my mission to end poverty from the face of the Earth. I want you to help me to accomplish this goal.”

By making a donation to the Tripura Foundation we can make our own individual contribution toward Dr. Pillai’s mission.  Whenever we bring out the best in others, we are blessed by Lord Saturn who, in turn, helps us to bloom and grow.


June 16: Full Moon

The Moon is strongly linked with the workings of the mind and so it is very important to think positively on this day.  Whatever we focus on during the Full Moon is reflected back to us. Therefore, this is a time for not only improving our own lives but for improving the lives of others.

When we think with a pure heart and deviate from any negative forms of thinking we become selfless and acquire a natural pull to assist those who are facing weaknesses, challenges and limitations.

Dr. Pillai is quoted as saying: “Feeding someone who would die otherwise is comparable to meditating for several hundred years, eight hours a day, every day”. One of the best remedies for dissolving negative karma is giving.  When we offer a donation to charities such as the Tripura Foundation we help to heal a suffering heart and in turn, purify the soul.

At the Tripura Foundation, every dollar donated to the hungry and needy is given directly to the poorest of the poor with great love, compassion, and hope.


June 29: Shani Pradosham

On this day Lord Shiva can help us to break free from the restrictions imposed upon us from past life karma, such as problems which cause suffering, pain, aching, disappointment, and disease. The 13th Moon phase is called Pradosham, a time for removing the stains of the past.  When the 13th Moon lands on a Saturday, it is called Shani Pradosham and is considered an opportune time to pray to Lord Siva and ask for all negative energy to be dissolved. He is very active during the evening. His mission is to enter the consciousness and remove the negative thought patterns which stop us from achieving material and spiritual success.

Performing acts of compassion toward people less fortunate is the cornerstone of Dr. Pillai’s teachings. He says: “Compassion can put us on a path of accelerated evolution, ending not only the suffering of others but our own.” A small donation to the Tripura Foundation during this powertime can bring rich blessings into not only our own lives but to the lives of those less fortunate.


Living on Hope

Feeding the hungry seems like a very basic task, but it is an essential need. In many parts of India, people pray for rain as they struggle from day to day with ravaged crops, food scarcity, and increasing hunger.

In desperate times, simple solutions can make a big difference. Even the smallest donation can help to keep the most seriously undernourished alive. The Tripura Foundation ensures that every dollar donated goes directly to the hands and mouths of starving and impoverished people.

Let our hearts be stretched out in the deepest compassion toward others, for we are all treading our own difficult path through life.


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