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How to Create Your Dreams In 2019

“Conrad Hilton, the late American hotelier, started out as a paper boy with no resources of any kind. One day he saw a picture of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. His greatest dream was to own that building.

The Sky Is the Limit

Throughout the many years that followed, Hilton became a successful businessman with thousands of hotels to his name, but he still had one burning desire—to own the Waldorf Astoria. In pursuit of his dream he boarded a private jet and flew to London to meet the Queen. With a blank check book at the ready, he was prepared to pay whatever price the Queen named, but she sold the Waldorf Astoria at market value, and finally Hilton’s dream came true.

The story of that dream is highlighted in the book “Be My Guest”. Most people find it by the side of their bed during a stay at one of the many Hilton Hotels throughout the world. If you have a dream for 2019, you should read this book, especially the chapter titled “The Sky is the Limit”.

What Stops a Dream from Coming True?

A dream is a deep desire, an inner yearning to fulfill a goal. It is bad karma which stops a dream from coming true. We pick up bad karma from our father, mother, grandparents, the environment, the neighborhood, and even the person we live with. This bad karma holds us back and stops us from fulfilling our dreams.

Replace Bad Karma with Good

To fulfill your dreams in 2019, this bad karma has to be dissolved and replaced with new karma, dream karma. This new karma is energized with mantras, rituals, the planets, and many blessings, using strategies that come from age-old remedies given by the yogis—for they knew how to change karma. When bad karma is dissolved, we no longer live in bondage and our dreams may no longer remain just dreams.

God bless.

– Dr. Pillai




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