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If you’re wondering whether the news of Jupiter changing direction on June 9 will affect you, wonder no more.

In fact, this is both the best astrological event in quite a while and a real game changer for you and all.

Jupiter can make your life delightful through good fortune, opportunities, high-minded vision, trust, faith and optimism. In retrograde since February 6 and under the harsh influence of Saturn, Jupiter’s boons nearly vanished.

Pretty much without Jupiter’s benign influence, we risk stumbling in darkness and negativity. This was the belief of both the Rishis and Siddha yogis that wrote the classics of Vedic astrology.

So to enjoy the return of Jupiter’s positive energy from Virgo (and later this summer from Libra) here for you—three reasons for rejoicing. Plus, you’ll love the positive effects on your health, outlook and bank account.

The Worst is Over

Vakri or retrograde planets can act in ‘evil’ ways—bringing good fortune to a sudden halt and delivering confusing situations.

Although I personally believe that even difficult experiences can come with a hidden gift, there’s no doubt that you have suffered.

Moreover, Jupiter is still being plundered by Saturn’s harsh rays until June 20—imagine a cold shower on your parade. And with the additional retrograde motion, Jupiter’s positively expansive qualities were lost.

Perhaps, you saw a sudden reduction of your income or an increase of debts.

You might have also noticed a diminished trust in the Divine or felt that good things could simply not happen to you.

Parents might have experienced concerns about their offspring’s studies or future.

Now you’ll see a clearing on the horizon and you’ll trust that you can heal a stubborn health issue and pay off your debts. Hallelujah.

Archetypal assistance

If we could see the effects of positive archetypes on our brain, we would probably rely on them more than our logic and rational thinking.

Explorers of the human psyche such as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and neuroscientists Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman (see their book “How God Changes Your Brain”) have described the immensely positive effects of archetypes or celestial beings.

In the Vedic tradition, there are countless ways to contact these Godsor Devas or shining beings of light—to receive help in your finances, relationships and health.

The celestial guardian of Jupiter is Shiva—the Vedic archetype that removes bad karma and restores righteousness in the universe.

You can invoke Shiva and ask for miracles with the sounds—OM NAMASHIVAYA. You can recite this mantra on Mondays and Thursdays or anytime during the Jupiter hora (check the AstroVed Hora Watch app if you haven’t downloaded it).

You can also get positive results from Jupiter by reciting his special mantra—OM GURAVE NAMAHA—108 times on Thursdays or in the Jupiter hora.

The above traditional sounds are believed to quickly shift your consciousness from fear and pessimism to faith and trust.

Extra Miracles

If you don’t expect or believe in miracles, they won’t happen—this is how Dr. Pillai summarizes the great importance of faith.


Do you believe that your life can change overnight through a hugely positive event? The Vedic tool or method to experience majorly positive changes in your career, finances, family relationships, mindset, and health is the Fire Lab—a new name for an ancient ceremony using fire and offerings to the archetypes.

The Rishis and Siddhas believed that fire rituals were a vehicle to the heavens for contacting benevolent archetypes in your favor to manifest miracles.

Many testimonials show desirable turnarounds even in longtime difficult situations. The Gods can help us when they are invoked with mantras, light, fire, incense, flowers, fruits and other special items.

Your consciousness will shift—which will bring you new opportunities and new miracles.

Expect miracles every day.



Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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