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Have you ever sworn by your New Year’s resolutions and yet failed? Do you remember all the hopes and expectations you poured into your plans, only to find yourself back where you started at year end?

If yes, you’re not alone.

In fact, according to a Statistic Brain Research Institute survey, only 41 percent of US citizens make New Year’s resolutions—9 percent of whom actually experience the self-improvement, weight loss, and better finances they set out to get.

Apparently, working on the self to become a better, smarter person, acquiring a slimmer body, and making better financial decisions were the top three most frequently made resolutions in the USA in 2016.

So while you’re meditating on the reasons for your own missed 2016 goals, you’re perhaps realizing that you could have used more support and help than you thought. And that’s why better eating habits, a consistent workout routine, regular meditation, and a higher income have remained remote.

There’s no need to feel guilty, though—because as both modern psychologists and spiritual masters will tell you, guilt is a waste of time.

Understanding what went wrong, asking for help and renewing your resolve are much better solutions.

So will you take this opportunity for a totally clean slate to find your true passions, ban your fears and live a much more joyful life in 2017? If these are your resolutions, you might finally get all the support and knowledge you need through some spiritual solutions.

For over three decades, Dr. Pillai has been blending his traditional meditation teachings with new discoveries in neuroscience.

Some of his new revelations on how to end failure and reach your goals can be found in Create 2017 As You Want, an online program that promises to equip you with all the support you need to make your resolutions stick and live the life you want in 2017.

Could this be the year you’ll remember as the time you finally moved from doldrums to happiness? Testimonials from thousands of students of Dr. Pillai’s MindScience point to an affirmative answer.

What spirituality really is

We often equate spirituality with letting go of desires, giving up wealth, embracing seclusion and leaving the world behind.

But that is not accurate, say the Tamil Siddha yogis of India. This is Dr. Pillai’s own spiritual lineage.

They believe, in fact, that you’re destined to experience absolute perfection in all aspects of your life: relationship, finances, health and last, but not least, spiritual evolution—the actual reason for your birth.

These yogis promise you both the unfolding of your spiritual potential and the awakening of the 97 percent of your unused brain and DNA.

Not that the Siddhas are terribly eager to teach you all the above, as they have no qualms about remaining secretive. And this is precisely why their teachings haven’t become diluted throughout the millennia.

This unbroken spiritual tradition reserves its secret knowledge only for spiritually evolved individuals who embrace a selfless path of service.

Dr. Pillai, however, breaks the silence on some of the most secret techniques for evolution and empowerment, as he wants to end poverty and suffering on earth.

He also believes, like the Tamil Siddha yogis, that anyone can attain both supernormal powers and a body of light through herbs, meditation, prayer and compassion for others’ suffering, as this is the ultimate path to end human limitations.

Admittedly, the light body is not for the faint of heart—but everyone can benefit from awakening the midbrain, which is the super brain or so-called divine brain, according to Dr. Pillai. Then you will experience miracles.

The millionaire’s brain, explains Dr. Pillai, is not only different from a poor person’s brain, but shows more activity within the midbrain, utter positivity, and sharp intuition. These unique qualities allow millionaires to create a better reality and bypass doubts.

For those who want to acquire the light body, Dr. Pillai offers more advanced courses and techniques.

The light body, he says, is the ultimate goal if we want to live in permanent bliss. This same guidance can be found in other wisdom traditions—from Christianity to Buddhism to ancient Egyptian teachings.

Although the existence of a light body is a seemingly radical view stemming from religious quarters, it was supported by Albert Einstein, who believed that from a scientific standpoint, it was entirely possible.

The Tamil Siddha yogis

As bearers of unique techniques for evolution, the Siddhas speak of reincarnation, bodily transmutation, super intelligence, and freedom from aging through energy and light.

Light is more intelligence,” says Dr. Pillai, “light is more speed,” versus slow and painful time—when you just can’t get good results in relationship, money and health, no matter what you try.

Below are three easy-to-implement solutions reflecting Dr. Pillai’s guidelines for happiness, desirable changes and making your resolutions work for you.

1. Get an initiation

Connecting remotely with a spiritual teacher is not only possible, but also advisable, says Dr. Pillai. “People need an initiation.”

Through diksha or empowerment by sight, touch and mantra given by your spiritual master, you can start living what Dr. Pillai calls a “200-percent life” of complete material and spiritual satisfaction.

A desirable shift in consciousness results from working closely with a spiritual teacher.

Even skeptical scientists can no longer deny the existence of consciousness, as cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation prove that we can change neurotransmitters and thus our brain.



Changing your consciousness means you’ll be able to conceive previously impossible achievements.

Create 2017 As You Want is an easy step-by-step guide to receive Dr. Pillai’s empowered teachings that have helped many people experience miracles.

The major requirement to experience miracles is devotion, says Dr. Pillai.

Devotion and mind states of surrender and love make you more receptive to positive energy and miracles. Whether you’re devoted to your spiritual teacher or a celestial being, you can connect with something higher than your everyday mindset, and tap into your own divine nature.

It’s only then that miracles become everyday occurrences.

2. Watch your time

Dr. Pillai believes that by observing time and perhaps using an hourly timer or alarm to remain alert, you can accomplish much more and avoid letting hours slip away—a main reason why our resolutions fail.

Better yet, by using the AstroVed Hora Watch app on your phone or computer, you can stop bad karma or a persistently negative mindset. You’ll also learn about the planets and how they can help you succeed in your goals through Vedic astrology, which is based on time-tested wisdom.

By becoming more aware of time and planetary energies, you gain the capacity to act and manifest faster.

3. Commit to your best life

Perhaps committing to loving yourself more is the single most important decision you can make in 2017. You know the saying nothing ventured, nothing gained. So you need to commit to your best possible life to actually experience it.

Staying focused, holding yourself accountable, and getting support through Vedic astrology can help you reach your material and spiritual goals. When you control your time and life simultaneously, keeping New Year’s resolutions becomes child’s play.

Happy New Year!


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