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If you have been feeling like you’ve been moving through molasses in the last 10 months or so, here is a major planetary change that will increase your energy levels and push your projects forward.

After many months when Mars had to face all kinds of indignities, celestial support is on its way when Mars enters its own sign of Scorpio on September 4th EDT, and gets away from Saturn’s unrelenting delays. If you had to suffer from miles-long red tape, you can finally breathe deeply with relief.

When Mars is strong we have no desire to procrastinate the implementation of our goals, we feel energetic, can multitask without experiencing fatigue and last, but not least, we want to move our bodies—running, weightlifting, gymnastics, power yoga, high-impact dance can suddenly become your priority among your daily tasks.

Scorpio is the feminine and more receptive aspect of Mars, and though it’s a more fearful and cautious state for the red planet than when he is in Aries, it’s nevertheless a very comfortable space for Mars’ best qualities. Sexuality will now acquire a deeper and intense quality.

If you avoid a tendency to act behind the scenes to get your desires met, you will love the outcome of your actions. And, there is no need to think too long about your course of action—because Scorpio thinks long and hard before acting, so you won’t make decisions too impulsively. But again, for better results and long-term gains avoid all kinds of scheming and unethical actions.

Here are some guidelines to make the best of this transit.

  • Resonate with Mars. On September 4th (EDT) and every Tuesday, wear red-colored clothes.
  • Be physical. Join a gym or take up any form of intense physical exercise.
  • Transform yourself. Choose an aspect of your personality that you honestly feel it’s in need of transformation. As you tackle this characteristic that has caused pain and discomfort to you and others, decide that you no longer want this quality in your life and that you choose happiness instead. Ask planet Mars to help you become so self-disciplined that there will be no space for those behaviors in your life. Appeal daily to both Mars and his overlord Muruga with their special sounds:

* OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA (for Mars, 108 or 27 times)

* OM SHARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA (for Muruga, 108 or 27 times)

Transformation is sure to come about.

  • Be more courageous. If you have been lacking the courage to show your positive feelings or emotions to others, now you may find that courage. Ask Mars to increase your level of courage in both actions and emotions.
  • Buy or rent your ideal house. Ask Mars for help in finding or acquiring a new house. This planet rules real estate and a strong Mars can help you in that arena.
  • Ask for discipline in your spiritual practice. Many of us have a strong desire to learn meditation or deepen our current spiritual practice. So, every Tuesday and particularly on September 4th after 5 p.m. EDT, take a shower, offer red flowers, water, fruit, light a ghee lamp or candle and incense and offer them to an image (photo or statue) of Mars. You can also wear a red garment to deepen your connection with the planet of action and strength.

Sit comfortably and vow to regularly practice your meditation techniques or learn one. Ask for help. Surrender. Admit that you have failed before and are now ready to be renewed and that you want a daily practice.

Recite OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA for some time and at least nine times. Thank Mars.

Be strong, be safe and enjoy the energies!





by Lalitha Devi



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