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Whenever you receive a Mantra from a book or from a friend, and you start practicing it, will it work?

Yes, but there is only a 20% or less chance that it will.

Not All Mantras Are Equal

You must receive your Mantra from a Guru. Somebody asked me the question, “What if I received a Mantra from an unenlightened Guru?” That’s a good question. Then the Mantra will be unenlightened too. That’s why you must receive the Mantra from a Satguru.

Satguru is a Guru who is full of Sat, which is the ultimate Truth. The truth of existence. Then if you are fortunate to receive it from a Satguru, it will work 100% of the time. There is no doubt about it.

The Beehive

There is an anecdote that Swami Rama has discussed in a book called, “At the Feet of a Himalayan Master”. A person received a Bee Mantra. If you have a Bee Mantra, the bees won’t sting you.




So, the guy who received the Mantra from the Guru went and got a big beehive and then the bees did not sting him. And then he wanted to test to see if it would work if he gave it to someone else. He gave it to someone else and this guy went and climbed up the tree to get the beehive. And every bee started to sting this fellow.

So, this anecdote that he mentioned in his book, explains why you must receive the Mantra from a Guru. So, you must receive it from the Guru or you should be authorized by the Guru to teach it to others. That’s important.


And in the case of Shreem Brzee, the person who discovered this Sound, after meditating for 1,500 years, is Vishwamitra who was previously an emperor who wanted to give an emperors life to every one of his citizens, but it couldn’t be done in other ways other than through a divine method.

And that is the Sound, Shreem Brzee, that according to Vishwamitra who gave me this Mantra will give you a royal life. But you must use it properly. Shreem Brzee is everywhere. It was released at least somewhere around 1998.

Since then, it has been there and people have built $25 million dollar homes. And the testimonials are amazing. But I lost interest in it for some time, because the Karma of the world. The world was not ready at this point to go into it. However, now I have 100%, if not 200% of my energy for it again.

The Shreem Brzee Era

This is the Shreem Brzee era. So, what will it do?

I am authorizing people whom I think worthy of transferring it to other people.

I will have my authorized teachers teaching Shreem Brzee all over the world. Why am I teaching Shreem Brzee? Because everyone, from a beggar to the president wants money. The president may want $400,000 per lecture because he is fortunate. Maybe Shreem Brzee is smiling on him. Shreem Brzee will work in the following way. You can get it from the video recording through my own voice. You can get it through books. But my voice will work better than other voices by people who have made videos with their voices.




Goddess of Wealth

But the best way you need to receive it is through the anointing initiations. You’ll be touched by Shreem Brzee. And the Goddess Lakshmi will be with you all the time. You must be conscious of it. You will be eating with Lakshmi, driving with Lakshmi and walking with Lakshmi or doing your chores with Lakshmi. Lakshmi is always with you all the time.

Shreem Brzee is Lakshmi, the goddess of Wealth. I am very grateful to Vishwamitra for bringing me this Mantra for the use of Humanity.

God Bless.

Dr Pillai

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