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The Sun brings hope this Vedic New Year, as it transits into Aries, in the form a golden opportunity to begin making positive changes for a brighter future.



“On April 14th, the Sun moves into Aries and we start the Vedic New Year. There is so much transformational energy available during this time. You can empower the Sun within you. This is a period when you can alter time, succeed in your business life, improve your personal life and affect change in your destiny.” – Dr. Pillai

A fabulous opportunity is on its way. It will allow us to harness the energy of the Sun for one entire month. The Sun brings hope when it moves into Aries, as it represents a new start—a chance to initiate positive change and create a year filled with wealth, health and prosperity. Take advantage of this auspicious occasion to remove obstacles, improve health; attract fame, success and good fortune.

The Sun Brings Hope to Start Off the Vedic New Year

Although January 1 is officially classed as the New Year, the Vedic New Year begins on April 14, 2020 in Hindu tradition. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which makes it powerful both astronomically and astrologically.

“For thirty days, we can make important changes in our life. The first few days of the Vedic New Year are especially valuable; a perfect time for spiritual cleansing and karma removal. This is a time for creating a new life and entering the NOW, without clinging to misfortunes from the past”. – Dr. Pillai

Embrace this Time for Letting Go and Starting Over

If you miss this once-a-year opportunity you will have to wait a full twelve months to reap the important benefits that can be derived from this occasion. On this day, the Sun brings hope for re-birth, for stepping out of the same old pattern, a time to spread your wings and free yourself from the confines of your mind.

“Solar power is immense energy; it is psychic and intuitive power that can help us go beyond the logical mind. The logical mind gives us a limited identity. We tell ourselves that we are not as intelligent as a doctor or lawyer so we cannot possibly make a lot of money. This kind of logic will ruin many people”. – Dr. Pillai

We are conscious, intelligent, knowledgeable beings but we rarely pay attention to the way that the brain works.  We have between thirty-five to fifty thoughts per minute but when the brain is left to its own devices, the messages we send ourselves can be highly detrimental.

Stop Letting Your Thoughts Control You

We need to stop all useless thoughts, the ones that occupy us even while sleeping. The good news is we can change our brain. All we have to do is become conscious of our thoughts every single day. We can make important changes if we remain alert and aware of mind chatter.

“Because of science, we are unable to understand what real solar power is. We only know that electricity allows us to light appliances and our homes.There is so much free energy available.The Yogis and Siddhi’s were aware of the tremendous psychic para psychological power that the sun has. When we acquire sun energy we acquire a powerful brain”. – Dr. Pillai

The Sun gives us super-logic provided we are able to understand it properly and pay attention to the time when it is most powerful. Throughout each day, the Sun goes through various highs and lows which can be customized for each and every one of us.

“We need to access what God has given us and learn how to access the power of God which comes through the Sun”. – Dr. Pillai

Be the Sunshine

This is why we should welcome the Vedic New Year with love and gratitude. The Yogis take full advantage of this time. The Sun is in a perfect position to impact us; even in his own sign of Leo, he is not as strong as he is in Aries. In this position he is very powerful. If you are careful and not negative, you can use the whole month of April to your advantage.

The way that we speak to ourselves through the mind is very important. Words are sound waves from God. They come out of God’s brain. They are very powerful. The light of the Sun presents a vibrant opportunity to cast out any dark, negative energy and shine light onto a bright and fresh new future.

Soak in the Sun’s Energy and Align with God

Dr Pillai says: “The Sun is not just a celestial object, a star. He is very much our breath, very much our consciousness, very much our life. There is extensive Yogic literature on the Sun and how it impacts and governs our life.”

There is immense transformational energy available during this transit. Use the time to empower the Sun within you. Pillai Center Academy offers two courses that are centered on the power of the Sun during its transit into Aries during the Vedic New Year. Click the links below to learn more. 


Learn more about Dr. Pillai’s Awaken with the Sun course.

Learn more about Dr. Pillai’s Take Control of Your Life course.


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